Rosie O’Donnell is BFFs with… Michael Cohen?!

Rosie O’Donnell is BFFs with… Michael Cohen?!

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Rosie O'Donnell

Sometimes texting buddies emerge from the strangest places… such as MCI Otisville in Upstate New York.

When Michael Cohen took the stand this week in Trump’s hush-money trial, the disgraced ex-president’s former fixer spilled the tea on Trump’s role in silencing Stormy Daniels.

Cohen says he paid Stormy $130,000 to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with Trump, who reimbursed him in a series of payments falsely recorded as legal expenses.

A convicted felon himself, Cohen spent more than one year at Otisville for tax evasion and campaign finance violations (he was released in May 2020 and served the rest of his 3-year sentence from his Park Avenue apartment). With that checkered past, and an admitted history of lying, the defense is trying to paint Cohen as non-credible.

He’s the only witness to directly tie Trump to the allegedly falsified records, meaning the first criminal case against a former president in U.S. history basically lies on him.

No pressure!

Before Cohen testified Monday, the prosecution’s star witness received a text from one of Trump’s archenemies: Rosie O’Donnell. The queer icon wished the former bagman luck.

“breathe – relax – tell the truth – u got this – i love u,” she texted, per the New York Times.

An hour later, Rosie texted again: “Ur doing great.”

When Cohen finished, he expressed gratitude for her encouraging words.

“Thank you and truly love you,” he said.

As the NYT explains, Trump’s obsession with Rosie started long before he ascended down those escalators in 2015. After Rosie ripped Trump on The View for his treatment of a crowned Miss USA, the now-criminal defendant threatened to sue the show. Then he started blasting Rosie… for years.

Despite Trump’s onslaught of taunts, Rosie stayed silent, until his first presidential debate. That’s when Trump called her a “fat pig.” Rosie said his disgusting words were “not just an attack on me but on all women he doesn’t deem worthy.”

As it turns out, Trump wasn’t coming up with the schoolyard insults himself. Cohen was helping. While Rosie always suspected that was the case, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her fellow Long Islander. The Emmy-award winning comedian thought that Cohen was going to jail for Trump’s crimes, and admired him for breaking with his very vindictive boss.

So she wrote Cohen a letter, and then got in a car to visit him in jail. They spent more than six hours together, even holding hands at one point.

“When someone is in a relationship that unhealthy and breaks free, it’s a very lonely time,” she told the NYT.

During the meeting, Rosie agreed to help Cohen with his memoir, which was released just before the 2020 election. They continued to stay in touch, and she continued to weigh in on Trump’s legal woes.

Rosie has also appeared on Cohen’s TikTok, urging him to “not listen to all of this negative MAGA sh*t.”

Those are strong words from a strong woman! Rosie spoke to the NYT from her home in Los Angeles, where she was packing for a trip to NYC to film And Just Like That. Helping to save democracy one day, filming a queer favorite the next.

That’s Rosie!

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