Olympic icon Matthew Mitcham is celebrating his handsome hubby’s bday & we wish we could join the fun

Olympic icon Matthew Mitcham is celebrating his handsome hubby’s bday & we wish we could join the fun

You are currently viewing Olympic icon Matthew Mitcham is celebrating his handsome hubby’s bday & we wish we could join the fun
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Luke Rutherford (left) and Matthew Mitcham (right)

Matthew Mitcham may charge $10 per month for access to his steamy OnlyFans page, but how much do we have to pay for him to send us a romantic birthday wish?

Mitcham celebrated his handsome husband Luke Rutherford’s birthday Wednesday on Instagram, with a photo dump showing off his wonderful features and their time together.

“It’s my handsome hubby’s birthday,” Mitcham wrote. “Now that he’s 35 (my age), he’s ‘officially old’ but I love him more than 34 because I’ve spent a whole year getting to love him. I hope I get at least another 52 and three-quarter years when we’re officially ‘really old.’”

From our standpoint, Mitcham and Rutherford have nothing to fear. The baby boys are aging like fine wine!

Though Mitcham and Rutherford got engaged after dating for six months, it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, Rutherford says he didn’t even know who Mitcham was.

“Truth be told, I had no idea who he was which I think definitely helped in the long run. I thought he was a bit aloof and socially awkward,” he said at the time.

Mitcham, of course, is an iconic Olympian. The legendary diver became the first out gay athlete to win a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Despite their initial awkwardness, it didn’t take long for Mitcham and Rutherford to fall in love. Mitcham, a native Australian, followed his beau to England even before they got engaged.

“As you may or may not know from an earlier post, I am embarking on a new chapter in the UK in March with @lukeyluke8,” posted Mitcham in February 2019. “Until then, we’re making the most of our time in Australia by road tripping all the way from Far North Queensland down to Melbourne over the next five weeks!”

Four months later, Mitcham announced their engagement.

“He got down on both knees, I said yes, and now we’re engaged.”

Simple and to the point. We love it!

The gorgeous couple tied the knot in February 2020 with a classic European wedding. The affair was held at a lavish castle in Belgium.

Afterwards, Mitcham said he was crying for nearly the entire ceremony.

“After a sustained period of lovely gestures, loyalty, gazing adoringly and many trips to Ikea, I managed to trick Luke into falling in love with me,” he posted on social media.

That doesn’t mean it’s always been easy for the pair. Like millions of people, Mitcham struggled mentally during the initial COVID lockdowns, and was open about how it was impacting their relationship.

“With nothing to distract myself, all my worst traits are coming out with a vengeance and it’s not cute,” he wrote. “It’s also not fair, because it’s usually those closest to you who bear the brunt of your messiness. I may be several years clean, but I can still be a jerk.”

Mitcham has been open about his struggles with mental health and addiction. He battled demons as he was competing at the highest level.

“Every single time, because it was so awful, I would just promise myself with every single cell in my body that I would not use drugs again after that competition,” he told PinkNews. “And every single time I just couldn’t keep that promise to myself, because being inside my own head was so unbearable.”

In particular, Mitcham has been vocal about his addiction to chemsex. On the seventh anniversary of his sobriety, he announced his new role as an ambassador for the charity Controlling Chemsex.

It’s apparent that Mitcham wouldn’t be in this place without Rutherford’s undying support.

As two OnlyFans stars (Rutherford is one of the top performers on the platform), Mitcham and his hubby aren’t shy about exposing their beautiful bodies to the world.

That transparency also extends to their relationship. Here’s hoping they celebrate many more birthdays together.

Scroll down for more pics of the very happy couple…


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