Muscle mania: Grab the gay bulls by their horns

Muscle mania: Grab the gay bulls by their horns

You are currently viewing Muscle mania: Grab the gay bulls by their horns
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Torso of an oiled-up bodybuilder representing the gay bull tribe.

All bulls (including gay bulls) are the type of people to sexually dominate your partner in front of you and turn back to wink. This might be emasculating if you weren’t so attracted to their grandiose muscular body and assertive demeanor.

But go beyond the sidelines and let Queerty show you how the bull tribe permeates gay, hetero, and kinky spaces.

What is a gay bull? 

Boyboybuilder with open vest and neon blue boxers showing bulge.

As a tribe, gay bulls have a physique resembling their namesake; it’s not unlikely they use a muscle enhancer or consume eggs and rotisserie chicken for every meal. They’re built like bodybuilders.

The people who step into the sexual bull identity, at least in porn, tend to be well endowed and typically a ‘dom top,’ if that matters to you.

A bodybuilder's back doing a bicep curl.

However, unlike the subculture of bears, otters, and twinks, a bull isn’t a subculture exclusively used by gay men. Bulls run free across all human lands near a gym, where gym bunnies admire them. Think jocks and daddies – these masculinities transcend beyond gayness. The gay and straight bull paradox is like city mouse, country mouse, except it’s David Barton Gym and Gold’s Gym, sometimes both spread across every day of the week.

Besides the archetype, the bull tribe is seen in kinky spaces, such as for muscle worship or the cuckold fetish. Although any person can be dominant, their extravagant physique makes their grip on your neck more intense. They bring pleasure and manhandling to peak theatric heights. It’ll feel like your orgasm has a stunt double.

The first to grab the ‘dom top’ bull by the horns

A bodybuilder laying down.

So what community first coined the tribe is up for debate, considering gay subcultures and the kink/BDM community evolved in alignment with one another and often intercrossing. Sexual liberation has historically been a marginalized team effort rooted in innate human desire. 

Men always sculpted their bodies like Greek goddesses, and the masses lusted after them. Many infatuations resulted in broken marital vows. However, the cuckolding kink was born when cheated-on husbands were the first to suggest it. And leave the wedding ring on. 

Cuckold means “the husband of an adulteress.” As a fetish, it manifests with a cuckold’s pleading consent. There’s a good chance they want to watch, even get themselves off. You’ll see this as a theme in gay and straight porn. 

A bull, a cuckold, and a sub walk into a bar 

The back of man and two women having a cuckold threesome.

In the realm of kink, this trio is a match made for a good time. A bull is shameless by nature when it comes to his manhood, and if that means putting it inside someone’s partner, he only hopes they’re a sub and a cuckold. 

In fact, we love kinky sex that’s universal to sexuality. Before you limit gender in fantasy, there are bull versions of women (think dominatrix, the bull dyke). We’ve merged the Urban Dictionary and gay definitions: 

Bull: a sexually dominant male (or bull dyke for females), for fun or financial gain, cuckolds and humiliates people while servicing their partners.

Cuckold: Not simply a person whose partner cheats on them, but rather a person who actually gets aroused by knowing or seeing them in sexual situations with other people (in many cases, bulls), such as flirting, kissing, fondling, or sex. In particular, situations where they are NOT participating but instead marginalized, just observing, or even completely ignored.

Submissive: A person who is part of the BDSM subculture, who takes part in a power exchange (partial or total) within a relationship. In this case, in front of their partners with bulls.

All is fair in bull and lust

We’d let these gay bulls do whatever they want.

Austin Wolf is definitely not afraid to sleep with your man – or you, your neighbors, or 7,000 other happy people

Morgxn Thicke leads the non-binary bull pack

There’s nothing Big Daddy won’t do while you watch

Hard bodies, soft hearts

A bodybuilder wearing apron and cleaning accessories.

Many of our beloved gay bulls in the LGBTQ+ community have the bodies of hulk but the hearts of Clifford the Big Red Dog (if you know, you know).

So don’t judge a book by its cover, but feel free to enjoy it.

Bulls are part of the unique class of tribes that take the shape of dominant male sexuality in all its forms.

But the gay ones are our favorite.

Hold on tight to the Queerty newsletter and get ready for a wild ride.


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