Mike Pence becomes instant internet laughingstock after embarrassing gas pump blunder

Mike Pence becomes instant internet laughingstock after embarrassing gas pump blunder

You are currently viewing Mike Pence becomes instant internet laughingstock after embarrassing gas pump blunder
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Mike Pence frowning

Mike Pence is outraged about the price of gasoline!

In his latest attempt to come across as a real human being, the beleaguered ex-VP filmed his newest campaign ad at a gas station, where he bemoans the rising cost of fuel.

Gas pump in hand, Pence whines about Joe Biden‘s supposed “war on energy” and his plan to once again make America the leading energy producer the world.

That sounds like a pretty normal campaign spot, except for one problem: Pence appears to be playing pretend.

The gay-hating politician takes the pump off the handle but never presses the button to select which type of fuel he’s using. Another telltale sign is the constant beeping in the background.


That’s right: Pence strolls out of his shiny red pickup truck (definitely his real car) and plays gas station make believe. The whole world is a stage, after all… especially for this fraud.

It seems unbelievable that a presidential candidate’s team wouldn’t flag the obvious deception and tell their boss to actually fill his gas tank, but this is Mike Pence we’re talking about!

A few months back, he entered a Dunkin’ Donuts in New Hampshire, and acted like he discovered some hidden New England treasure. Never mind that Dunkin’ is the largest franchised coffee chain in the country. The former vice president, who’s 64 years old, claims he’s never been inside one.

Maybe he’s lying? Or maybe he’s not? It’s hard to figure out which scenario is sadder. (By the way, notice how nobody is at the register. Did Pence pretend to buy coffee, too?)

It’s been a brutal campaign for Pence, who’s not fooling anybody when it comes to his presidential chances.

Since Donald Trump was indicted last week for trying to overturn the election, Pence, who served as his obsequious pain sponge for four years, has been trying to present himself as some great protector of faith and democracy.

But once again, nobody is buying it.

The dude waited three years to call out his former boss’ disregard for democratic norms…when he had a book to sell and campaign to get off the ground. All the while, his revelations to investigators about Trump’s attempts to subvert the election were cited more than 100 times in the 45-page indictment.

Pence is screwing Trump publicly and privately. No wonder why the MAGA crowd is done with him, too (that was apparent on Jan. 6, when the insurrectionists stormed the capital and screamed they wanted to hang him).

Currently, almost 55% of Americans hold an unfavorable view of the ex-VP. A recent New York Times/Siena poll found him garnering support from just 3% of Republican voters. Sad!

While that’s just enough to qualify for the upcoming GOP debate, Pence is trailing all of his rivals, including anonymous North Dakota governor Doug Burham, who qualified for the debate before him.

Despite near-universal name recognition, he has no chance. He raised a scant $1.2 million during the last fundraising period

His campaign, and gas tank, are both running on empty.

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