Matt Bomer in teeny shorts, ‘Hacks’ & sexy sandwiches: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

Matt Bomer in teeny shorts, ‘Hacks’ & sexy sandwiches: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

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Three panel image. On the left, Matt Bomer smiles in a black tux on the red carpet. In the middle, Jean Smart as Deborah Vance from 'Hacks' smirks in a pair of bedazzled sunglasses sitting on her jet. On the right, a man stands wearing Nike's 3" Logo Volley Shorts.

A new season of Drag Race All Stars is here, the Wicked trailer slays, and Young Sheldon is finally over.

Suffice to say, nature is healing.

With Pride Month on the horizon, short shorts season upon us, and exhaustive Met Gala discourse in the rearview, the past week in LGBTQ+ news has also felt spiritually cleansing.

First, Taylor Zakhar Perez teased a third Red, White & Royal Blue flick, Jonathan Groff looked back on Looking, and Andrew Scott announced a new erotic role.

Plus, Omar Apollo’s new album track list caused a pop emergency, this Parisian drag queen headed to the Olympics, a GMA anchor wore bike shorts, and we were captivated by a prosthetic on Netflix‘s A Man in Full.

Otherwise, we’ve been sustaining ourselves with cute clothes, delectable dudes, bombastic bops, and one particularly erotic sandwich.

Can we get a drumroll! 🥁 Here are the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week...

1. The teeny tiny 3″ Nike Volley Shorts breaking Gay Twitter

Three panel image of models wearing Nike's 3" Logo Volley Shorts. On the left, a close up of the lower half of a man in a white pair facing forward. In the middle, a tall dark haired man looks off smiling in a black pair. On the right, the backside of a man in the Persian Violet colored pair.
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Breaking news! As Twitter X user @airbagged just declared: “The slutty Nike shorts got sluttier for the summer.” OK, so between Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal, it feels like short shorts time never stopped. But the arrival of these brand-new Nike UO Exclusive 3″ Logo Volley Shorts (on sale for $44 at Urban Outfitters) seem to be ringing in the season and upping the ante.

Boasting one of the shortest inseams known to man, these ultra comfy shorts feature an elastic waistband and come in colors like 100 White, Persian Violet, and Black. Nike’s scanty shorts selection has longtime been a go-to for gays looking to show some leg. Still, I’ve got to admit they’ve outdone themselves.

2. And on that note, Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer might not be sporting the same shorts that got the internet hot and bothered, but he definitely got the memo. In an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini swimsuit, the 46-year-old actor gave Milo Ventimiglia a run for his money while strutting down the beach this week.

Apparently, the Fellow Travelers star was filming a scene for upcoming dark comedy Outcome. I don’t exactly know what it’s about, but consider me seated.

3. Chris Burbach’s pop art prints

Three panel image of pop art-styled prints by queer artist Chris Burbach, matted in white and framed. On the left, Liza Minnell in Cabaret. In the middle, a collage of Palm Springs iconic sights and scenery. On the right, Kylie Minogue posing from the "Padam Padam" music video.
Image Credit: Chris Burbach/Peepa’s

Lady Gaga once said, “Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture, in me,” and it’s certainly in these stunning pop-art prints from Palm Springs-based queer artist Chris Burbach.

Carrying on the tradition of Warhol –– and catering to media-obsessed gays –– Burbach’s expansive collection includes homages to queer icons like Liza Minnelli & Kylie Minogue ($58-$495), aesthetic interpretations of Old Fashioneds ($58-$295), and gorgeous Springs imagery, like the Kaufmann Desert House ($58-$495) and Modernism 2024 Collage Portrait ($295-$595).

Guys, I think I’m going to need more wall space.

4. This sexy (and viral) chicken caesar salad sandwich

I can honestly say I’ve never been physically attracted to a sandwich… until I saw this chicken caesar salad club that went viral on Twitter X. And I’m not the only one!

After food account @eatinerni shared this borderline erotic pic, social-media gays responded en masse with the questionable things they do for a taste of the decadent hoagie. (“He needs me,” one user wrote.) Are we OK? Probably not. But how can I make this at home?!

5. Rebel Wilson’s touching new memoir “Rebel Rising”

Rebel Wilson had Hollywood shook when she came out in 2022 by hard-launching her now-fiance on Instagram. (“I thought I was searching for a Disney prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney princess #loveislove,” the Pitch Perfect star wrote.)

It was a beautiful and bold move, and one she’s pulling back the curtain on in candid new memoir Rebel Rising, on sale for $13.38 at Amazon. From her late-in-life sexuality discovery, to struggling with weight, and mending familial relations, the Aussie funny lady leaves no stone unturned. Thankfully, she’s equally hilarious on page as she is onscreen.

6. Banned Books Puzzle & Reading Checklist

Two-panel image. On the left, the book-shaped box for a Banned Books 500-piece puzzle which highlights the spines of books that have been banned in schools. On the right, the box is laid flat with puzzle pieces strewn around it.
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

Looking for a beach house activity and/or a new read? Boy, do I have the knickknack for you! This 500-piece puzzle ($19 on Uncommon Goods) depicts more than 60 oft-banned books –– like James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time and This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson –– packaged in a charming tome-shaped box.

Plus, there’s a checklist to help you (or any bibliophiles in your life) work through the curated list of essential titles from “underrepresented voices in literature.” The fight for access to LGBTQ+ and minority-related books in schools wages on, and this is an easy way to keep these important stories front of mind.

7. “Julia Roberts” by MARIS

I just watched Runaway Bride for the first time and once again, wished I was Julia Roberts. (The sneakers! The eggs! Richard Gere!) The Mona Lisa Smile star has the je ne sais quoi of, well, Mona Lisa herself. And it’s an enviable effect I’d call hard to describe, though queer pop singer MARIS nails it perfectly on new track “Julia Roberts.”

With infectious synths and other worldly vocals, she waxes poetic about the way men fall for the Pretty Woman actress while binging rom-coms by herself. “I want him to see me like I see you / Julia Roberts, you know you want her,” she laments, bursting into a throbbing hook guaranteed to cement itself in your brain. You can catch her live next month at LA’s “I Can’t Queer You” concert and Montana’s Missoula Pride.

8. Hacks Season 3 on Max

OK, so the brilliance of Hacks –– which follows the unlikely partnership between a cynical Vegas stand-up (Jean Smart) and a bumbling young comedy writer (Hannah Einbinder) –– is no secret. The Max series’ first two seasons racked up countless awards, including multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe.

And while the show seemingly wrapped things up nicely back in 2022, I’m here to tell you that they haven’t lost any steam in Season 3, which is dropping in two-episode chunks every Thursday. From Debra Vance’s fierceness, to belly-laugh-worthy jokes, and bigger appearances from queer actors like Megan Stalter, Mark Indelicato, Johnny Sibilly and Carl Clemons-Hopkins, I’m devouring it. And already dreading the inevitable season finale.

9. Disposable Cameras

Three-panel image. On the left, a disposable camera photo of a black dog looking up outside. In the middle, two Fujifilm Flash Disposable cameras  in front of a white background. On the right, a disposable camera photo of a road looking towards palm trees and mountains.
Image Credit: Courtesy of author (left & right), Amazon (center)

Remember vinyl records, cassette tapes, and baggy jeans? Well, they’re back en vogue, alongside the nearly lost art of disposable cameras. In an age where your phone can take an unlimited amount of pics in high-definition, there’s something meaningful about being limited to 27 snaps, waiting to see how a shot turned out, and zero access to retouching.

I used the Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash Disposable Camera (two-pack for $26.64 on Amazon) to document a recent trip and loved the nostalgic and imperfect qualities the 35mm film gave all my pics. No Instagram filters necessary! Good luck trying to find a still standing location of One-Hour Photo, though.

10. Britt Migs parodying a ridiculous Missouri campaign video

Missouri GOP Secretary of State hopeful Valentina Gomez probably didn’t anticipate becoming a LGBTQ+ meme when she posted a campaign video telling constituents: “In America, you can be anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay.” (How is this real and also why TF is she jogging?)

Unfortunately for her, we find camp in the darkest places and run with it. Still, this spoof by bisexual comedian Britt Migs –– “A woman on the Kinsey scale,” her clip boasts –– might just be the best spin. “Don’t be weak and straight, stay f*cking gay,” she declares, doing a spot-on impression trotting down the street. Can we write her in on the ballot?!

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