Matt Bomer hooks up with Todd Snyder, X-mas Ts & the dumbest party game ever: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

Matt Bomer hooks up with Todd Snyder, X-mas Ts & the dumbest party game ever: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

You are currently viewing Matt Bomer hooks up with Todd Snyder, X-mas Ts & the dumbest party game ever: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week
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A round of applause is in order!

Not only did we make it through another week, but the Recording Academy just outdid itself by recognizing both “Rush” and “Padam Padam” –– the two gayest songs of the year –– at the Grammy Awards. (We love good news!)

That being said, we can’t lie: it’s been a great week to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Not only did Joe Jonas and Spencer Neville send us into a tizzy with these bro-y paparazzi pics, but Josh Hutcherson showed us he’s a bilingual babe. Then, actor Nico Santos and Survivor alum Zeke Smith tied the knot, and Drag Race fave Denali announced she’s getting ready to ice-skate down the aisle!

We know it’s hard to believe, but on top of that, we’ve found even more reasons to get excited. The holiday season is quickly approaching, supplying thirst-worthy winter campaigns and gag-worthy gift ideas. Plus, our social media feeds continue supplying us with delicious drama and rent isn’t due for another two weeks!

Kick up your feet, cozy up with a seasonal throw blanket, and pretend you aren’t still ordering iced coffees. Here are the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week….

1. Moonlight Screenplay Book from A24

Two-panel image. On the left, a white hardcover book pictured from birds-eye view. "Moonlight" and "Written and Directed by Barry Jenkins" are printed in black text, underneath a still of a Black boy in white shorts standing in front of a blue ocean from the film 'Moonlight.' On the right, the book is open to reveal black pages printed with white text for the script, indistinguishable from the zoomed out view.
Image Credit: A24

I have a confession: I’m obsessed with coffee table books… but I do not own a coffee table. Alas, it looks like my collection will be growing because I cannot get over this gorgeous screenplay book for Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning film Moonlight.

The 224-page hardcover book ($60 on A24’s website) features a foreword by Frank Ocean, the full screenplay, as well as images and acceptance speeches from the film’s big night at the Academy Awards. (Y’all remember that?) The studio also has similar books for flicks like Lady Bird, 20th Century Women, and Hereditary for the queer cinephiles in your life.

2. Poundcake by Alaska Vinyl

A vinyl album cover is pictured in the middle in front of black graphic designs. The cover features drag queen Alaska, with big blonde space buns and a white necklace, closing her eyes and touching her face. The vinyl reads 'POUNDCAKE' with a rainbow-colored filter distorting the image. Behind it is a magenta-colored vinyl disc.
Image Credit: Ken Phillips Publicity Group Inc./Alaska

There’s no drag queen quite like RuPaul Drag Race‘s Alaska. And as a fabulous purveyor of both lewks and laughs, it’s no surprise her musical career has taken off. Thankfully, you can finally add her iconic 2016 album Poundcake to your vinyl collection with its first-ever, limited-edition magenta pressing. The record features collabs with the likes of Adore Delando and Gia Gunn, and gay party faves like “Puppet.”

Pre-order your copy for $35 now, alongside other Alaska must-haves like the Poundcake T-Shirt ($35) and matching tote bag ($25).

3. Matt Bomer going full daddy for Todd Snyder’s new campaign

Something about Matt Bomer in cozy winter clothes makes me want a hot chocolate. Real bad. The Fellow Travelers actor is the face of designer Todd Snyder’s winter campaign and thus rocked a number of menswear looks, inspired by the mid-20th century aesthetic with a modern twist.

The advertising certainly worked on me, considering I rarely ever leave my apartment in the winter… and I all of the sudden need an Italian Oversized Double Breasted Topcoat in Charcoal ($1398).

4. Legends Only: A Pop Culture Podcast w/ T. Kyle and Bradley Stern

When you’re on Gay Twitter X, there’s no escaping pop culture opinions. But the incredible thing about the Legends Only podcast –– hosted by journalist Bradley Stern and producer T. Kyle –– is they are sharing thoughts I actually care about. (What, it’s a compliment!) From deep dives on Ashlee Simpson’s Pieces of Me, to reviews on Madonna‘s tour, and encyclopedic knowledge on Britney and Xtina’s careers, these boys know EVERYTHING.

Check out their weekly episodes on your fave streaming service or catch iconic episodes (like an interview with Drag Race‘s Sugar & Spice above) on YouTube.

5. Christmas Faves Graphic Tees

Three-panel image. On the left, a Black teen wears a black t-shirt featuring the cast of 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' posed in front of a blue backdrop. The shirt reads the film's title. In the middle, a man with a black beard and buzzcut stands smiling wearing a tan t-shirt featuring the cast of 'Mean Girls' in Santa Claus costumes in front of the words "Winter Talent." On the far right, a Black teen wears a white t-shirt and looks to the side. The shirt features the cover of Mariah Carey's Christmas album, which depicts her smiling in a tight Santa Clause dress in front of the cursive letter "M."
Image Credit: Forever 21

As my lower back pain reminds me on the daily, I am not forever 21. However, I will not let that stop me from browsing fashion retailer Forever 21’s mens section on the regular. Although holiday collections are typically defined by itchy knits and overpriced ugly sweaters, I’ve always appreciated that F21 uses the season to festive-up their graphic tee collection.

This year’s selections seem to be especially for the gays, with standouts referencing the “All I Want for Christmas is You” queen (Mariah Carey Christmas Tee for $19.99), our favorite teen-flick Christmas scene (Mean Girls Graphic Tee for $19.99) and everyone’s family’s favorite holiday film: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Graphic Tee (14.99),

6. The mind-numbing drama of Selling Sunset Season 7

Netflix‘s unscripted reality series Selling Sunset has always been gay canon, especially with a villain as campy as Libra queen and fashion icon Christine Quinn. But after realtor (and soap actress/Dancing With the Stars competitor) Chrishell Stause tied the knot to nonbinary musician G Flip, the show is officially gay culture.

The biggest drama on the latest season, which dropped last week, involves Stause and the 25-year-old model dating her ex-boyfriend (and current boss). It’s the kind of mind-numbing chaos that has you going, “Ohmigod, really?” and then pressing play on the next episode.

7. Eclectic home goods from Pumkinfish

Two-panel image. On the left, a pink wallet sits on a gray table. It features Blanche from Golden Girls, smiling wearing beaded jewelry and a turquoise shirt. Next to her, printed in black text is "Eat Dirt and Die Trash." On the right, a close up of a tea-towel reading "Homo Sweet Homo" printed in red cursive, with red hearts embroidered around it.
Image Credit: Pumkinfish Gifts & Goodies

Pumkinfish Gifts & Goodies is an LGBTQ+-owned store in Indianapolis, filled with the kind of eclectic goodies that may make your mother chuckle –– or your grandma blush. Their online store features some of the greatest and gayest selections in home goods, from towels brandished with slogans like “A Donut is Just a Gay Bagel,” to wine made for dogs and cats. (Really!)

My personal recs are the Golden Girls Blanche Wallet ($19.95), which I thought would help me spend less money. (It didn’t!) And of course, the Homo Sweet Homo Tea Towel ($16.95).

8. Jeremy Allen White’s homoerotic GQ photoshoot

I don’t understand why GQ decided to pose The Bear actor Jeremy Allen White –– fully dressed –– amongst a sea of shirtless boys in various vignettes for their latest photoshoot. Nor do I get why White wears the same perplexed look in every image, as if he just woke up and found himself there.

But there’s something vaguely Tom of Finland about it all, and I respect that.

9. Monikers: A Dumb Party Game That Respects Your Intelligence

Two-panel image. On the left, a light-blue cardboard box housing a card game is pictured at an angle. It reads "Monikers" and features a cast of cartoonish, distorted figures all around each other. On the right, the same box is pictured next to a stack of cards from within. A hand rests above both holding one of the cards, which is red and features the word "Monikers."
Image Credit: Amazon

I lucked out by winning this card game at a White Elephant gift exchange a couple years ago, and it’s become a fixture at every gayme night since. It’s an easy premise: there’s 440 cards featuring some of the weirdest, most niche pop-culture and historical references out there. In the first round, you just have to get your teammates to guess the word or phrase using hints. But the second and third rounds up the ante by only allowing you to use one-word and then finally… no words.

Don’t just take it from me though. Even The New York Times dubbed it “the perfect party game.” Test out your skills –– or your friends’ –– by snagging Monikers for $29.99 on Amazon.

10. Miriam Margolyes being an icon on The Graham Norton Show

From Harry Potter to Romeo + Juliet, Miriam Margolyes is an acting icon. And you wouldn’t guess it from her matronly roles, but she’s got quite the raunchy sense of humor. The 82-year-old actress recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote her memoir Oh Miriam!: Stories From an Extraordinary Life ($29.99 on Barnes and Noble), and she dropped some real wisdom.

Not only did she stand up for trans and nonbinary rights, she also got vulnerable about her relationship with partner Heather Sutherland. The two have been together for 56 years… but are just now moving in. How’s that for gay commitment?!

“I really do want to live with her because we are old, and we haven’t got much time left,” she explained. “It is silly to live apart.” And as she recently told This Morning, “I’m not that lovable –– I’m smelly and noisy and all that sort of thing. But she loves me and I want to be with her for the rest of my life.” Aw!

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