Marco Rubio is so desperate to be picked as Trump’s #2 he’s prepared to give up everything

Marco Rubio is so desperate to be picked as Trump’s #2 he’s prepared to give up everything

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Senator Marco Rubio

When it comes to Trump’s search for his VP, there’s one trait that every candidate must possess: complete and utter subservience. With that in mind, Marco Rubio, who’s wetting his pants over the possibility of being Trumps #2, is seemingly willing to go further than anybody else.

For a spot on the ticket, the two-time Florida senator would probably have to move out of his home state. That’s because the 12th Amendment discourages two people from the same state occupying the same ticket. Under the Electoral College’s rules, electors from each state must “vote by ballot for President and Vice President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.”

That means if Trump carries Florida, the state’s 30 electors could vote for Trump or Rubio, but not both of them. Under that scenario, even if Trump wins the election (gulp), it’s not guaranteed Rubio would earn enough Electoral College votes to join him in Washington.

In that case, the Senate would select Trump’s VP. Since Democrats control the chamber, they would be within their constitutional right to select a member of their own party, which would present quite the roadblock to Trump’s authoritarian agenda.

“Because of that provision, parties generally don’t nominate candidate for president and vice president who are from the same state,” University of Virginia constitutional law professor John Harrison told USA Today.

Since Trump owns homes in New York City (Trump Tower) and New Jersey (Bedminster Golf Club), it would logistically make sense for America’s most infamous criminal defendant to change his residency–not Rubio. But this is Trump we’re talking about! He doesn’t accommodate anybody, even his vice president (Mike Pence learned that the hard way last time around).

When speaking to allies about Rubio joining the ticket, Trump says the senator has a “residency problem,” according to The Bulwark. That strongly suggests Trump isn’t considering moving out of Mar-a-Lago.

A GOP official who spoke recently to Trump backs up that assertion. “He’s damn sure not moving,” the person said.

That means Rubio, a lifelong Floridian, would have to uproot his family for the honor of being Trump’s #2. He would also likely have to vacate his senate seat. While the Constitution says senators must be an inhabitant of their state “when elected,” lawsuits would almost certainly follow if Rubio tried to retain his seat from out-of-state.

There’s also the DeSantis factor. Despite a recent meeting between Trump and the flailing Florida governor, the disgraced ex-president still apparently holds great antipathy for “Meatball Ron.” Under Florida law, the governor holds the power to pick a senator’s “temporary” replacement until the next general election.

If Rubio resigns immediately, that means DeSantis’ replacement would only serve until November. That appears to be Trump’s preferred scenario.

“Trump doesn’t want Ron to get a Senate pick,” said a Trump advisor. “And if Trump really wants Rubio on the ticket, he’ll want to make sure Ron’s pick is as short-lasting as possible.”

Rubio ascending to become Trump’s #2 would be quite the twist, considering their complicated past. In 2016, Trump derided the anti-LGBTQ+ senator as “Liddle Marco” after Rubio accurately accused him of being a “con artist.”

“What we are dealing with my friends is a con artist, he is a con artist,” Rubio said when they were both running for the Republican nomination. “First of all, he runs on this idea that he is fighting for the little guy, but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy. Friends do not let friends vote for con artists!”

Unsurprisingly, Trump responded to Rubio’s criticisms with insults. He took to calling Rubio a “choke artist,” among other indignities.

Rubio, for his part, said in March he would be “honored” to serve alongside his former tormentor.

Rubio, of course, is far from the first Republican undergo a humiliating about-face on Trump. Ted Cruz has emerged as one of Trump’s most vociferous surrogates, despite Trump calling his wife ugly, insinuating his father was involved in JFK’s assassination, etc.

And don’t even get us started on Lindsey Graham

According to Bloomberg, Rubio is a leading VP contender, along with Tim Scott, J.D. Vance and North Dakota governor Doug Burgum (who)? All four candidates are expected to appear this weekend at a GOP donor retreat in Palm Beach.

If those are the Final Four, then Kristi Noem is out of the running, which must be crushing for the MAGA anti-drag queen. She got new teeth and everything!

But then she boasted about killing her puppy in her autobiography, a sign of diabolical cruelty that even Trump apparent can’t look past.

“She was already unlikely to be picked as VP but had a shot. After this, it’s just impossible,” said a Trump ally.

There appears to be an opening, and “Liddle Marco” could slide right on through. He just has to move first, and immediately give up his senate seat!

No biggie, right?


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