Lukas Gage splashes around with the boys in sexy Armani campaign that’ll make you sweat

Lukas Gage splashes around with the boys in sexy Armani campaign that’ll make you sweat

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Say hello to the boys of summer!

While most of us fight off that holiday weekend hangover, Armani keeps riding the way of carefree, summery good vibes with its campaign for beachy new fragrance Acqua di Giò.

Normally, we’d let that wave roll right on by, but Armani knows how to capture our attention: With hot, shirtless men frolicking on the beach, abs akimbo.

Among them is out (married!) hottie Lukas Gage, who joins fellow actors Chase Stokes and Jonathan Daviss (both known for Netflix‘s Outer Banks) Michael Evans Behling (All American) as an ambassador for the cologne, featuring in an artsy black-and-white video piece and corresponding photoshoot.

What can we say? They’re definitely keeping this summer hot, hot hot.

Gage is arguably the most recognizable face of the bunch—with The White Lotus, You, and Euphoria among his already illustrious credits—and, honestly, it’s pretty cool to see out queer talent leading an ad campaign targeting a broader male audience.

But… then again, there’s a pretty homoerotic vibe to the whole thing, no? Maybe they really are going for the gays with this one!

At any rate, Gage is a perfect fit for Acqua di Giò’s aquatic essence. After all, he grew up on the beaches north of San Diego, CA, and water has played a key role in many of his most notable projects: The pool where we first met his ill-fated character in Euphoria, the Hawaiian beaches of The White Lotus—even his loathsome playboy from the most recent season of You had a memorable proclivity for “water sports.”

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Gage jokes about his “triggering” introduction to fragrances back when he was a teen: “The first memory that comes to mind is working at Banana Republic when I was 15 and having to spray a certain section of the store with the most insane-smelling cologne I’ve ever smelled in my life.”

Thankfully, he’s got a healthier relationship with scents now, hitting the beach with his actor buds for the Armani gig—which he somehow found time for amid countless upcoming projects (like his dark comedy with Zachary Quinto, Down Low), and plenty of adventurous vacations with his new hubby, Chris Appleton.

But even after watching the soaking-wet Acqua di Giò a couple times over (in slow-motion, of course), we still needed to quench our thirst, so scroll down below for more of the hottest photos from each of Armani’s boys of summer:

Lukas Gage

Jonathan Daviss

Chase Stokes

Michael Evans Behling


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