Liza Minnelli & Christina Aguilera have a pretty wild connection most people don’t know about

Liza Minnelli & Christina Aguilera have a pretty wild connection most people don’t know about

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Two-panel image. On the left, Christina Aguilera with curled platinum blonde hair on the red carpet. On the right, Liza Minnelli poses in a white hat and fur coat with red lipstick during a photoshoot.

What in the world do Christina Aguilera and Liza Minnelli have in common?

A house, apparently!

According to TMZ, the most unique part of this newly listed Hollywood Hills home –– going for a cool $8.3 million –– isn’t its three-sided aquarium.

It’s the fact that over the years, both Xtina and Liza with a “Z” hung up their hats within its four walls.

Considering the Sunset Strip pad boasts a diva-level of amenities –– including a screening room, wraparound patio, and “sunken conversation pit featuring a bold fireplace” –– it’s understandable why the two show-biz icons would be interested in the space.

Minnelli reportedly lived there during her relationship with filmmaker Jack Haley Jr. in the ’70s, while Aguilera purchased the spot for herself in 2003.

OK, so celebrities living in fancy mansions is not earth shattering news by any means.

Still, who would have ever expected that Judy Garland‘s daughter and a former Mickey Mouse Club star would share such a big commonality?!

After all, there’s a 35-year age gap between the two singers. Christina is our “Genie in a Bottle,” while Liza is Flora the Red Menace.

Plus, a cursory Getty Images search doesn’t turn up a single photo of them together. (How can we make this happen? And soon?!)

But at Queerty, we bring you the unexpected. And we’re here to tell you that these two queens actually have a lot in common. Work with us here…

They’ve both flexed their musical muscles.

Life is a cabaret, old chum. Or a burlesque show depending on how you’re looking at it.

Despite having vastly different styles, both Minnelli and Aguilera had standout roles in musical movies. In 1972’s Cabaret, Minnelli scored an Academy Award for her dazzling portrayal of Sally Bowles, hitting every high-note and Fosse-choreographed beat with ease. Xtina, on the other hand, led 2010’s Golden Raspberry-nominated Burlesque alongside Cher. And while Aguilera’s up-and-coming burlesque character didn’t earn her any awards buzz, there’s no denying the flick’s camp appeal, nor the important lessons it has to offer about “air rights.” LOL.

The distinct voice effect

@matteolane My Christina Aguilera impression. Check out my YouTube special this Sunday, Nov 20th! Link in bio. #matteolane #christinaaguilera #comedian ♬ original sound – MatteoLane
@matteolane An interview with liza minnelli @jessicakirson #matteolane #jessicakirson ♬ original sound – MatteoLane

How does one describe Aguilera or Minnelli’s vocal stylings without using the word “distinct”? While Christina has an impressive four-octave range (and won’t let you forget it), it’s extraneous runs and husky belts that have become her trademark. On the other hand, Liza’s powerful alto oozes vibrato with a New York twist, producing an unmistakable tone.

There’s no denying either woman has vocal chops and originality. But that’s also what makes them perfect victims for comedians, like Queerty fave Matteo Lane who happens to do impressions of both gals.

A Sex and the City connection

There’s an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry: everyone is six degrees away from Kevin Bacon Sarah Jessica Parker.

For Christina, the connection comes through Saturday Night Live, where she’s delivered an alarmingly spot-on impression of Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones a handful of times. (Perhaps they should’ve tried to get her for And Just Like That.)

Nevertheless, Liza has her beat on this one. The jazz darling randomly popped up to give the real Samantha a performance of “Single Ladies” during the cinematic event that was Sex and the City 2. Honestly, “Candyman” would’ve been a solid second choice.

Certified gay icons, duh.

This one basically goes without saying.

Liza Minnelli essentially inherited the LGBTQ+ community’s affection from her mother, speaking openly and adoringly about queer fans throughout her entire career. “Where would I be without the LGBTQ community of dazzling souls who have always supported and understood me on a level that is unique and extraordinary,” she wrote in a letter for Billboard.

Christina Aguilera made it clear she was on the gays’ side with her “strikingly progressive” music video for “Beautiful,” which featured a gay couple and transgender woman. Furthermore, she headlined Los Angeles’ 2022 Pride, and as she told People: “I’m all about people standing up for what they believe in, which is why I think the LGBTQ+ community feels connected to me. We’ve all come from struggle; We’ve all had to fight to be heard.”

They’re both mentioned in School of Rock.

Both Liza and Christina are mentioned in this scene from 2003’s School of Rock, as Jack Black’s character tries to give his students a crash course in real rock music. (Shout out to Billy, who says his favorite singer is Minnelli and is most definitely queer-coded.)

OK, maybe we’re stretching it here. But what are the odds?!


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