LISTEN: Dixon Dallas follows up “b*ssy-kissing” hit with a song about riding guys like a truck

LISTEN: Dixon Dallas follows up “b*ssy-kissing” hit with a song about riding guys like a truck

You are currently viewing LISTEN: Dixon Dallas follows up “b*ssy-kissing” hit with a song about riding guys like a truck
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Country music—especially from straight male artists—has a long and storied tradition of songs about the mighty majesty of trucks. Sure, the babes can come and go, and every ice cold beer will eventually reach *shudders* room temperature. But trucks? Trucks are forever.

So, leave it to viral country star Dixon Dallas to queer one of the genre’s trustiest tropes.

His newest song, “F150,” might take its name from the popular Ford pickup truck, but give a close listen to the lyrics and you’ll notice what it’s really about: Hot, hot gay sex. Naturally!

It starts off innocent enough, with Dallas singing about locking eyes with someone from across the bar. But by the time the chorus hits, all bets are off—and so are the clothes:

“When wе get to sippin’ whiskey / And we gеt a little frisky / I climb up on him, ride him like a F-150.”

It’s another barn-storming bop from Dallas, whose been all over the internet thanks to the success of the single “Good Lookin’” this summer, a song about the simple pleasures of bouncing off booty cheeks and kissin’ on b*ssy. (That song, by the way, is still sitting atop Spotify’s Viral Country chart, and ranks in the Top 5 of both the U.S. and Global editions of the music streamer’s Viral 50 playlists.)

Don’t you just love country music???

“F150” arrives alongside another new single called “Better Without You.” To our surprise, the hip-hop beat-driven country track is a much more straightforward and sincere breakup song.

It’s also not explicitly gay (in both senses of the phrase), but it certainly proves that Dallas has a beating heart beyond all those raunchy lyrics he first got attention for.

Dixon Dallas is a country-fried alter ego of Jake Hill, an Alabama-based musician whose previous work combines elements of hip-hop and “metalcore.” Occassionally, Hill also performs and releases music under the moniker ‘ur pretty,’ delivering more overtly gay and sexually explicit lyrics with a pop-punk sound.

With the crossover success of “Good Lookin’,” many have speculated whether or not Hill, himself, identifies as gay. Earlier this month, he—as Dixon Dallas—gave an interview to Pride, responding to queerbaiting accusations and addressing the rumors while avoiding a straight (no pun intended) answer:

“Of course you’ll have people saying I’m gaybating and queerbating,” Dallas said at the time. “Growing up in the south, you’re taught how to think a certain way. I reached a point where I started thinking for myself. My music is a big f*ck you to my past. No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay. I could be straight. I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

While that’s certainly true—and while everyone should be given the space to come out on their own terms—some remain skeptical. On TikTok and Twitter, musician Zee Machine, has pondered why someone singing about gay sex so openly and explicitly would choose to be “coy” about their own sexuality:

So is Hill/Dallas trolling the LGBTQ+ community by just pretending to be gay? Or is he trolling the mainstream country music industry itself, a notoriously restrictive genre that seldom makes space for anyone that’s not white, cis, and straight? (An industry that, by the way, is currently championing songs like Jason Aldean’s racist dogwhistle, “Try That In A Small Town.”)

We sure hope it’s the latter, because we could use more artists unabashedly bringing queerness to country.

In his latest TikTok, the musician announces he’s finally “clearing the air,” responding to folks who believe he’s portraying himself as something he’s not. But, no, he’s not making any big declarations about his sexuality, he’s just responding to comments saying he looks like The Once-ler from The Lorax, or JoJo from Horton Hears A Who!

@iamactuallyjakehill Dixon Dallas is clearing the air #fyp #dixondallas #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Jake Hill

As the raunchy gay country hits keep on rolling, it looks like Dixon Dallas is just going to keep on trolling.


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