Lenny Kravitz, 59, once again rocks out with his c*ck out in one of the thirstiest videos ever

Lenny Kravitz, 59, once again rocks out with his c*ck out in one of the thirstiest videos ever

You are currently viewing Lenny Kravitz, 59, once again rocks out with his c*ck out in one of the thirstiest videos ever
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Image Credit: “TK421,” Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz may be pushing 60, but the rocker still has us dying to go his way.

They’ve been saying the music video is dead for years now, though savvy stars like Troye Sivan—who’s been teasing sexy visuals featuring his drag persona and a shirtless Ross Lynch—beg to differ.

Not to be outdone by the younger generation, Kravitz just dropped a new song (his first since the 2018 album Raise Vibration) called “TK421,” which comes complete with an eye-popping video wherein the singer-songwriter prances around his extravagant home completely nude.

Shredded as ever, Kravitz is seen waking up in the buff, then walking to a massive window and opening the curtains to greet the day. We don’t get to see what the world outside sees—only his backside—but there are certainly no complaints here.

Actually, we’ll stop yammering and let you bask in his beauty yourself:

Seriously, is this guy ageless???

The guitar-driven “TK421” oozes sex appeal, and Kravitz leans into that vibe as he saunters around, from room to room, baring plenty of cheek while conveniently keeping his giant “microphone” just out of sight.

Come to think of it, the whole thing is very much giving Austin Powers:

But on that tip (pun intended), the video’s standout moment—by which we mean, the moment we paused at multiple points and lost all sense of time as we sat and stared, drooling—is when Kravitz takes a good, long soak in the shower.

The camera is absolutely obsessed with him as he lather-rinse-repeats and, when the shout-along chorus hits, he’s shown standing completely nude, hand over his crotch, counting out the numbers of the song’s title.

Image Credit: “TK421,” Lenny Kravitz


Of course, even when Kravitz does manage to get himself dressed, there’s still plenty to enjoy. After all, we can’t even see him in a pair of tight-fitting leather pants without thinking of that time he ripped his slacks on stage, giving fans the show of a lifetime.

The incredibly horny new video, as well as Kravitz’s recent reunion with the viral big scarf, are all meant to build up some hype for his upcoming 12th studio album, the just-announced Blue Electric Light, due out March 15 2024.

And, hey, who know: At the rate we’re about to watch (and re-watch, and re-watch…) the video for “TK421,” this could be Kravitz’s first charting single since 2007… assuming YouTube plays count toward the Billboard Hot 100…

Oh, and by the way, apparently “TK421” is either a reference to a type of Stormtrooper in the Star Wars universe, or to a stereo model Don Cheadle’s Boogie Nights character is constantly talking about. We don’t get what those things have to do with Kravitz lounging in the nude, but frankly… we don’t care.

Kravitz’s latest visuals quickly made their way to Twitter X, where plenty of the internet’s thirstiest queers have logged on to share their appreciation. Check out just a few of our favorite “TK421” reactions below:


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