The Occasional Woman: Those Shoes

The Occasional Woman: Those Shoes

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Shoes! What’s the matter with shoes today? Let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of Looking Good and Ladylike-footwear. Bane of one’s existence, yet also a potential hot spot.

Sometimes even professionals can’t walk in those shoes.

The most important thing about wearing heels is this–PRACTICE FIRST! Picture it: You have snagged a pair of sinfully RED high heels. You have donned a sizzling red dress, and are now about to slink out into the world. WAIT–Have you ever worn high heels before? I mean, out in PUBLIC? Among OTHER PEOPLE?! STOP. Before going out into the world in Towering Heels for the first time, you will do yourself a huge favor by wearing the fab shoes around the house first. You will start by, well, puttin’ ’em on, then standing up. You may wave your arms around as you search for stability—no harm in that! Now pull in your abs, straighten your shoulders and tuck in your tushie. These procedures will help to align your spine, and give you a solid base for heel-wearing. Now—walk around. Do this for as long as you can—it really helps to keep you from falling onto your face, or staggering over your own feet.


Another note—if you are wearing light-colored heels and clothing, do NOT wear dark colored pantyhose, tights or stockings! It will look like you dressed in the dark, or have a contagious disease. And—NO white stockings or pantyhose unless you are a doctor, nurse or elementary school Health Aide. Stick to hosiery close to your own skin color, and keep the white heels for beauty pageants, First Communion and getting married!

Endeavor to keep your body straight, you tush tucked in, knees NOT jutting out at all angles, and head held (somewhat) high. Project confidence and poise, and remain calm.

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The Occasional Woman

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