Kari Lake gives her most delusional speech yet, which is saying something!

Kari Lake gives her most delusional speech yet, which is saying something!

You are currently viewing Kari Lake gives her most delusional speech yet, which is saying something!
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Kari Lake

Kari Lake is delusional, baby!

Despite losing all of her court cases challenging Arizona’s gubernatorial election results, the polarizing politician claimed Sunday she’s exposed her state’s fraudulent vote counting process to the world.


“We have accomplished a lot. We stayed in the fight,” she said. “We have shown not just Arizona, how they are trampling our sacred vote. How they are rigging our elections. How they are sabotaging Election Day. We’ve shown the whole world how they are doing that. This is where the battle is, in waking people up to what our elections have become. Because we’ve had the will to stay in the fight, we have continued. Our cases are still moving along.”

Lake, who lost last year’s gubernatorial race to Democrat Katie Hobbs by more than 17,000 votes, has refused to concede. Instead, she’s continued to cry foul, barnstorming Arizona for cash.

Back in May, a judge dismissed the only remaining legal claim in Lake’s challenge. The judge said Lake failed to prove her allegation that Maricopa County didn’t verify signatures on mail-in ballots. Maricopa County is home to 60% of Arizona’s voters.

Prior to that embarrassment, the Arizona Court of Appeals rejected Lake’s claims that isolated problems with printing ballots were the result of intentional misconduct. The state Supreme Court also declined to hear nearly all of Lake’s appeal, saying there was no evidence to support her notion that more than 35,000 ballots were wrongly added to vote totals.

In addition, an Arizona court fined Lake’s lawyers $2,000 for making false statements.

And their troubles only get worse from there! The State Bar of Arizona is proceeding with cases against three of Lake’s attorneys as a result of their conduct. One of her lawyers is also facing an additional complaint over an August social media post, in which he accused the CIA and Department of Justice of colluding with the Arizona Supreme Court to create a misinformation board.

So yes, Lake’s failed court cases have exposed something: her legal team’s ridiculous behavior.

Speaking of ridiculous, Lake, a former TV news anchor, is now hosting her own show on America First Network (whatever that is). Unsurprisingly, she’s centered her program around election denialism, bringing up her loss 27 times in the first four episodes.

Now running for Senate, Lake’s campaign seems to be nothing more than a conspiratorial grievance tour. She’s been struggling to even get Republicans on board, never mind independents. One GOP official told the Arizona Republic Lake’s “charm offensive has turned out to be offensive with no charm.”


Former U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, whom Lake accused of being “OK with special needs kids being raped” after he opposed her plan to install cameras in school bathrooms, told The Washington Post he would never help her.

“She employs the politics of personal destruction, and she’ll say anything — the most vile things in the world — to get ahead. And I’m sorry, I just can’t forget that,” he said.

As it turns out, when you publicly demean people, they remember.

Who knew?!

And as it turns out, Arizona voters are taking to Lake’s charm about as well as alienated Republican officials. Early polling shows she trails Rep. Ruben Gallego, the presumed Democratic nominee, in both a three-person race and head-to-head matchup.

Amazingly, Lake’s stunt queen routine isn’t closing the gap. Earlier this fall, she verbally accosted Gallego outside an airport men’s room, and looked foolish.

Oh Kari Lake, she has no shame! Arizona voters see right through her desperate act.


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