Kari Lake accidentally just admitted her claims about election fraud are complete B.S.

Kari Lake accidentally just admitted her claims about election fraud are complete B.S.

You are currently viewing Kari Lake accidentally just admitted her claims about election fraud are complete B.S.
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Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate/U.S. Senate hopeful Kari Lake accidentally admitted during a radio interview this week what everyone else has known for years: that her fact-free claims of election fraud are, and have always been, complete B.S.

In an interview with local Arizona radio station KTAR News 92.3 FM, the 54-year-old drag-hating MAGA queen talked at length about a range of issues–from dodging questions about abortion to saying Ukraine should basically surrender to Russia so everyone can go home and watch TV to accidentally admitting her claims that the 2022 gubernatorial election was stolen from her aren’t based in fact.

“I want to look forward, and these lawsuits are meant to make sure that going forward our elections are strong, that the people of Arizona have faith in them,” Lake said when discussing the mountain of court cases she’s lost over the last roughly two years.

She filed her first lawsuit before her election even happened, in April 2022, when she tried to have electronic voting machines banned. She lost and her lawyers ended up being sanctioned by the court for making “false, misleading, and unsupported” assertions, as well as making claims without “an adequate factual or legal basis grounded in a reasonable pre-filing inquiry.”

Since losing her election by over 17,000 votes in November 2022, Lake has filed over half a dozen more lawsuits, each one claiming that the election was rigged, hijacked, stolen, miscounted, mishandled, blah, blah, blah. She’s lost every case and appeal, with numerous judges ruling there was no evidence to support her claims.

Nevertheless, she has persisted.

“Right now, when you look at … polling and you talk to people on the streets … Arizonans are deeply concerned about our elections and the integrity of our elections,” Lake told KTAR News 92.3 FM this week, without actually citing any specific polls or naming any of the “people on the streets” she’s allegedly talked to.

When pressed to say who stole the election from her, she acknowledged that, um, well, she doesn’t actually know. 🥴

“I don’t know who exactly stole the election,” she confessed, before quickly adding, “But there are a lot of people who are running elections poorly, and we’ve seen the results.”

In an appearance on Real America’s Voice this week, Lake spoke more about her legal troubles and claimed her opponents are now trying to shut down her current bid for U.S. Senate by filing lawsuits against her.

Specially, she mentioned Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who is suing her for defamation after she falsely accused him of being a criminal when she lost her race for governor. (Richer, we should note, is also a Republican.)

“I wish I could sit here and tell you everything’s fine and dandy,” Lake said. “It’s not. But I do know this, they’re trying to bring down President Trump. They’re trying to sue me into oblivion for speaking about elections.”

“If they felt they could rig the elections in a way they have done in the past, they wouldn’t feel the need to do that,” she added, somewhat incoherently. “So something in their system is starting to go haywire, and we’ll see what happens in this next election.”

Lake is currently running for U.S. Senate in Arizona against pro-LGBTQ+ Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego, who has been outraising her by millions of dollars. Meanwhile, incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an independent, has yet to announce whether she’ll seek reelection.

Sinema has until April 1 to register but has remained tight-lipped about her plans, telling Face the Nation recently that she’s “laser-focused on the policy, on actually solving real problems” rather than answering “endless questions” about November’s election. If she does decide to run, polls indicate she’ll lose handily and it could tip the election to Lake. God forbid.


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