Jonathan Bailey’s mystery man, Ricky Martin’s daddy & all the can’t-miss LGBTQ+ releases of the week

Jonathan Bailey’s mystery man, Ricky Martin’s daddy & all the can’t-miss LGBTQ+ releases of the week

You are currently viewing Jonathan Bailey’s mystery man, Ricky Martin’s daddy & all the can’t-miss LGBTQ+ releases of the week
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Image Credits: Jonathan Bailey in ‘Fellow Travelers,’ Showtime (left) | Ricky Martin, Getty Images (Center) | Alaska in ‘Drag: The Musical’ (right)

Need a boost to get over Hump Day? The Hot Sheet is Queerty’s midweek pop culture catch-up, highlighting the entertainment stories everyone’s talking about, the ones you might’ve missed, and the notable LGBTQ+ film & TV releases in the days ahead. Here’s everything you need to stay in-the-know:

What To Watch

  • Barrio Boy — Now Available (VOD): In this indie, closeted “Nuyorican” Quique tries to keep his new romance secret from the rest of his hyper-masculine Brooklyn community.
  • Under Pressure: The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team — Now Available (Netflix): You know where this story ends, but here’s an all-access pass along the team’s journey to the 2023 World Cup.
  • The Crown, Season 6, Part 2 — Dec. 14 (Netflix): Speaking of stories coming to an end, the hit prestige drama about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign finally catches up to the present, more or less.
  • Our Son — Dec. 15 (VOD): Billy Porter and Luke Evans star as partners going their separate ways, now having to negotiate time with their 8-year old amid their divorce.
  • American Fiction — Dec. 15 (theaters): This sharp satire is becoming a major awards-season player, featuring hunky Sterling K. Brown in a supporting role as a newly out gay man.
  • Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?! — Dec. 16 (HBO/Max): Rising British comedian Leo Reich brilliantly skewers Gen Z culture—and himself—in his celebrated one-man show.
  • Friends & Family Christmas — Dec. 17 (Hallmark): The Hallmark Channel has a little something for the sapphics with this sweet holiday season rom-com.

Culture Catch-Up

THEY’RE TRYING TO MURDER ME: The Thailand-set third season of HBO’s hit The White Lotus won’t return until 2025—but at least we have confirmation that its scripts have actually been written, with one of its stars teasing multiple gasp-inducing moments are in store. [Read all about it on INTO]

FOR THE QUESTIONING GUY: While everyone wonders about the future of a Bobby Berk-less Queer Eye, we can’t stop thinking about the past now that original Fab Five member Jai Rodriguez is spilling tea about the fact that not every “straight guy” they made over was completely straight. [Read all about it on Queerty]

HEY STRANGER: Riding high off the Oscar buzz for his role in All Of Us Strangers, Netflix has graced us with a sumptuous first look at Andrew Scott in Ripley, a thrilling adaptation of author Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley novels, previously brought to the screen in 1999’s The Talented Mr. Ripley.

DASHING OUR HOPES: We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s recently come to our attention that Fellow Travelers and Wicked hottie Jonathan Bailey is spoken for: “It’s not secret, but it’s private,” he says of his relationship with this “lovely man.” But who is he??? [The Standard]

PADAM PADAM: During her recently televised An Evening With Kylie concert special, Ms. Kylie Minogue got quite a surprise when an audience member proposed to his super-fan partner. The “Love At First Sight” singer gave her blessing, proving once again why she’s the ultimate ally. [Read all about it on LGBTQNation]

CRUISE CONTROL: Out actor Guillermo Díaz (Scandal, Bros) stars in the ultra low-budget erotic indie You Can’t Stay Here, loosely based on an eerie cruising incident that occurred in Central Park in the ’90s. The film has an exclusive run at NYC’s IFC Center in January, and you can watch the teaser here:

POP STAR POPS: Newly single and turning 52 in just over a week, timelessly hot Ricky Martin is looking better than ever. What’s the secret to his age-defying looks while “livin’ la vida loca”? Why, it’s good genes—made apparent by the singer’s recently shared photo of his handsome dad. [Read all about it on Queerty]

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Doctor Who just keeps getting gayer and gayer. *SPOILERS* In its latest 60th anniversary special, “The Giggle”—featuring Neil Patrick Harris as the villainous Toymaker— Ncuti Gatwa makes his first appearance in the franchise, introducing the world to the first Black, queer Time Lord. [Collider]

VOICE OF AN ANGEL DEMON: Love Broadway musicals, but find yourself wishing they were more filthy, foul-mouthed, and… demonic? Then Hazbin Hotel is for you, the wild new animated series from viral creator Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano (Helluva Boss) about the Princess Of Hell’s efforts to open a center to rehab sinners, with the voice talents of Stephanie Beatriz, Darren Criss, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Kimiko Glenn, & more.

ON THE RECORD: “D*mn I Wish I Was Your Lover” singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins was on the rise in the ’90s, but then she came out—coining the term “omnisexual” in the process—which nearly derailed her career. Now, she’s looking and pushing forward. [Read all about it on LGBTQNation]

PROP WORK: May December star Charles Melton is opening up about that scene of Todd Haynes’ dark melodrama, revealing that, yes, it was a prosthetic—and he had to wear it for nine hours straight! [Variety]

COMPOSED: Bradley Cooper‘s on the Oscars campaign trail for writing, directing, and starring in the Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro, following up his celebrated A Star Is Born remake. So is this nearly-nude photoshoot supposed to help or hurt his chances? We’ve got questions! [Read all about it on INTO]

The Final Hump

Curtains up, queens! By popular demand, the Queerties award-winning Drag: The Musical—co-written by drag royalty Alaska, Tomas Costanza, Ashley Gordon—is making its grand return to Los Angeles’ The Bourbon Room for a limited run, March 15 – 30. Fire Island babe Nick Adams is set to return to the lead role alongside golden-voiced drag superstars Jujubee, Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, and Alaska herself. Gag after gag after gag!

But wait—there’s more: In fall 2024, the heel-stomping musical will make its official (and long-awaited) NYC debut for an open-ended residency. Broadway better watch its back!


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