J.Lo & Taylor Swift’s favorite dancer Giuseppe Giofrè reveals why being gay has never been an issue for him

J.Lo & Taylor Swift’s favorite dancer Giuseppe Giofrè reveals why being gay has never been an issue for him

You are currently viewing J.Lo & Taylor Swift’s favorite dancer Giuseppe Giofrè reveals why being gay has never been an issue for him
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Giuseppe Giofrè

Giuseppe Giofré is an uber talented dancer and choreographer who has worked with some of the biggest pop stars including Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Ricky Martin, among a long list of others.

Born and raised in Calabria, Italy, Giofré was a featured dancer on Taylor Swift’s “1989” and “Reputation” tours and Jennifer Lopez‘s “It’s My Party” tour. He’s also appeared in 5 of Swift’s music videos including “You Need to Calm Down” and “…Ready for It?”

Most recently, the out 31-year-old danced in Lopez’s “Can’t Get Enough” video and during the promotional concert for her latest album and film This Is Me … Now.

The boy’s got moves!

While maintaining a base in Los Angeles, Giofré has become a big celebrity in his native Italy and currently stars as a judge on the popular acting, singing and dancing competition television series Amici.

Although Giofré won the dance portion of the series as a contestant back in 2012, these days he’s reveling in owning the show’s stage with his kick-ass choreo and very enviable physique.

Are you read for it?

Now the accomplished artist, who made his acting debut in the 2023 Amazon Prime film The Hottest Summer, is venturing out by sharing his story with the release of his new autobiography, Stidda. Il coraggio di un sogno, which translates in English to Star: The Courage of a Dream.

The book chronicles his extraordinary rise from being a young boy growing up in a small Italian village watching Britney Spears videos to enduring bullying to follow his dance dreams onto some of the biggest stages around the world.

While promoting the book in Milan, Giofré discussed his queer identity and how he never really ever “came out” as he never saw being gay as an issue.

“I have never had the need to say: ‘I am homosexual. I’m gay. I like boys’. Because in my opinion [my sexuality] is not a problem. By talking about it, saying ‘Dad I have to talk to you’ it becomes an event, a problem [to be solved],” he said, per the Italian outlet Gay.It.

“And even in the book I told it in a light-hearted way, opening the chapter in which I talk about my ex-boyfriend without giving explanations.”

Although his family may not have had an issue with his identity, Giofré disclosed how some of his childhood tormentors – who bullied him for taking dance classes – have since tried to get into his good graces.

“Some of them today write to me on Instagram to compliment me. I’m happy that some have grown up and are more open-minded,” he told Vanity Fair. “Others, however, remained within the four walls where I left them.”

Being out, proud and successful is the best revenge!

As far as his personal life, Giofré was previously in a long-term relationship with fellow dancer Adam Vesperman, but told VF he’s currently “single and happy.” Shoot your shot, fellas!

While Giofre’s memoir Stidda is out now, he noted he may be joining J.Lo’s upcoming “This Is Me… Live | The Greatest Hits” tour this summer. In the meantime, get to know him a little better via his amazing Instagram page and then give him a follow.


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