Is this the worst Pride party flyer you’ve ever seen?

Is this the worst Pride party flyer you’ve ever seen?

You are currently viewing Is this the worst Pride party flyer you’ve ever seen?
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The World Pride Party is heading to Washington D.C. next year and gays have one question: where is that skyline supposed to be???

The international LGBTQ+ music and rave festival is heading to the nation’s capital next June, but the event’s flyer is giving apocalyptic energy. The sky is black, the futuristic skyscrapers project an ominous tinge and the crowd is bathed in darkness. The Pride flags, usually a symbol of celebration, look menacing.

The Washington Monument appears to be rising from the ashes, towering over the dystopian proceedings.

“I’m sorry what skyline is this?,” asked an inquisitive observer.

Nobody knows!

Adding another layer of confusion to the whole thing is the fact that the flyer is advertising an event that’s 13 months from now.

Honey, we haven’t even scraped together enough pennies to afford this year’s Pride festivities. Financially (and morally) bankrupting summer trips to Fire Island and P-Town are also still on the docket!

There must be more to life than waiting in virtual presale lines, right?!

Not if you’re gay!

We’re only partially joking. Admission to Pride parties in major cities is becoming increasingly outrageous, with face value tickets to the hottest parties in NYC ranging from $153.99 to $174.99. Those who wait to purchase tix until the last minute (a tried and true gay tradition) could pay close to $300 on the resale market.

“After 2019 and COVID, tickets all of a sudden were $150,” a queer NYC-based nightlife worker told The Cut last year.

That said, in defense of expensive circuit parties, many of these events resemble major music festivals with A-list talent.

There isn’t a local DJ spinning the latest from Kylie and Charli. Instead, the queer icons are performing themselves, as they did at Sydney WorldPride 2023.

With Pride season fast approaching, the longstanding debates over inclusion and gay nightlife will soon ramp up. But back to the flyer, where there is no debate.

It’s really, really bad!

We can probably thank AI for the troubling work…

The global dance party will be held at RFK Festival Grounds, which is the site of a demolished old baseball stadium.

While the polarizing flyer seems totally AI-generated, there is an actual ominous feel around any Pride events slated for 2025… especially in D.C. The very real possibility that Trump could be just a few months into his second term is a major buzzkill.

The land around RFK is owned by the federal government. That means a Trump Administration would be in charge of permits.

That’s scarier than any G’D out circuit queen…

Vote, vote, vote… if only to save Pride, and our right to buy $150 tickets!


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