Gay guys share the red flags when they visit a hookup’s home for the first time

Gay guys share the red flags when they visit a hookup’s home for the first time

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A man is disgusted by a bad smell
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A post on the AskGayBros section of Reddit has prompted hundreds of comments. Most of us have red flags when it comes to dating… but does that extend to the condition of someone’s home?

It sure does!

The question was raised by a man who asked, “What are the major red flags that may lead the host (e.g. hookup or a friend) to go down in your estimation – perhaps you might not want to visit them again.”

He offered his own examples.

“No hand soap (or even bar soap) in their bathroom. 🚩”

“Unclean toilet 🚩”

“Smoke alarm chirping 🚩”

Unsurprisingly, many waded into the replies with their own thoughts. It seems dirty bathrooms and toilets are rarely appreciated.

Besides a lack of soap, one person said, “I also hate it when there’s no hand towel. Can we all just agree to make it easy for guests to wash their hands?”

Litter trays

The issue of pets was raised by many. More particularly, litter trays and pet hairs.

“I once went to this guy’s apartment, and it smelled like cat poop. We went to his bedroom, and the smell there wasn’t so bad, but when I went to the bathroom after sex I saw the cat litter with weeks of cat poop in it. I felt very sorry for those animals.”

“Cat/litterbox smell,” agreed another. “Makes me want to puke and I don’t need that happening while I’m trying to deepthroat.”

Another suggested an “Overflowing basket of dirty clothes in the bedroom” or “Leftover food plates on the bedroom floor.” Bad smells of any variety can also be passion killers.

Guns and drugs

Another said the original poster’s red flags were fairly mild. Instead, the respondent said he’d leave immediately over any of the following.

“Presence of a firearm.

“Cameras aimed at the bed.

“Obviously hasn’t showered.”

“Needles all over the floor,” was one of the most well-liked comments. We’re guessing this is a reference to drug use, not sewing. Others also mentioned obvious signs of substance abuse.

Others said any evidence suggesting the host had a wife and kids was a major turn-off.

Clearly, some people felt a little attacked by these suggestions. One guy took umbrage with the “no hand soap” comment.

“My liquid hand soap ran out yesterday and I haven’t picked any up yet. Just taken all my towels out of the wash so they’re wet which means they can’t be used. My fire alarm is near my toaster so it always goes off, I need to get a heat one.

“I mean I have a really good job, I’m a property owner, when I’m not working I’m training in the gym, I don’t take hard drugs and rarely drink. All in all, I try my best to be a man of solid moral standing in day-to-day life. But that doesn’t matter… there’s no hand soap… Red flag for me 😂 People be judging when they ain’t special themselves 😂”

Another questioned whether a chirping smoke alarm is really a red flag, and that prompted a whole side debate on the things some people put up with in their own homes.

“I don’t care if the smoke alarm’s chirping. Yes, it’s annoying but I know it’s a pain to get it down.”

At the risk of sounding judgemental, we’re with the majority on this one. People, please sort out your chirping alarms!


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