Gay guys list the “famous” folks they’ve allegedly hooked up with & WOW

Gay guys list the “famous” folks they’ve allegedly hooked up with & WOW

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Here’s a roundup of (abridged, tidied up) responses from the thread.

“Jesse Tyler Ferguson—when he was a young, starving actor. I met him in an AOL chat room. He was a very sweet, quiet guy.”

“Nathan Lane in, like, 1984.”

“Leslie Jordan before he was a star. I met him when he was attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. One of the nicest and funniest guys you could ever meet. It was a one-night stand and sleepover. My first crush.”

“Max Konnor. There’s a video of me and him out there somewhere. Probably in his OnlyFans, too.”

“I hooked up with the porn star Beau Butler, like, six months before his ‘career’ blew up. Started seeing him everywhere and was all like, ‘That’s that Grindr dude I f*cked at the airport Marriott.’”

“I made out with the lead singer of Erasure in a seedy gay bar. I approached him and told him that my closest straight college friend loved them as much as I did. We saw them perform on campus our freshman year. I asked if we could send a selfie to blow my friend’s mind. We ended kissing in the selfie. I think my friend was even more impressed by that, lol.”

James Charles matched with me on Tinder years ago, but I think I was too old for him at the elderly age of 22. … He’s absolutely not my type at all, but this was his ‘verified’ Tinder account, so I knew it was really him and thought it would make a funny story if we actually got to chatting! … It was when he was super popular—pre-allegations days.”

“I was taking a community college sewing course on the weekends. One Saturday, bored on Grindr, a faceless profile messaged me. I ended up meeting a semi-famous politician, and we made out. … I’m proud to say he’s doing great work for our community.”

“I slept with the editor-in-chief of a popular magazine here in Cali. Didn’t know ’til after I got his social media after hooking up with him, and he is such a DILF!”

“Hooked up with a now-Helix model. So I guess that’s neat.”

“Someone I used to hook up back in college now has been in several movies/shows—not super big. Quick search tells me he’s not out. Maybe he was just experimenting.”

“I hooked up with a retired NFL player (only played for 5 years) that I met on Grindr. The whole encounter was bizarre, from his rant on politics to the large amount of cocaine on his kitchen counter.”

“He’s a former Olympic swimmer. A blank profile account reached out to me on Twitter three years ago. … It’s quite surreal and steamy, and we still do it from time to time.”

“I had sex with a really hot guy who has gone on to have a very successful porn career. I keep seeing his face pop up with someone new. This hot little Aquarius gets around. Through him, I’m wiener cousins with a lot of celebrities.”

“A famous cellist. I made him play cello for me afterward. I’ll never forget that.”

“Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. And a closeted politician whom I can’t name.”

“I had no idea I was f*cking around with a local politician who also worked under the Obama administration. … When I told two of my gay co-workers who I was fooling around with, they all knew who the man was. Sex-wise? Pretty good for someone claimed to be ‘OK’ in bed.”

“A reality show hairstylist. … His body was so great, I didn’t ask for a face pic. He was so amazing in bed, I’ll watch reruns just to reminisce, ha.”

“A Tony award winner, a famously well-endowed porn star, a Saudi prince who’s famous in the Middle East, a gay from The Real World.”

“A winner from Australia’s Got Talent sucked my d*ck once.”

“I lost my virginity to a guy who was on Jerry Springer once. So yeah, pretty famous.”


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