Former Mr. Gay UK and ‘Foundation’ actor Dino Fetscher is one of hottest stars in the galaxy

Former Mr. Gay UK and ‘Foundation’ actor Dino Fetscher is one of hottest stars in the galaxy

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AppleTV+ really wanted to make sure the gays were paying attention to sci-fi saga Foundation when they opened season two with a completely naked action set piece for out hearthtrob Lee Pace.

But there’s been plenty more to stick around for—even after Pace put clothes back on—specifically, the introduction of a new gay character, played by hunky British actor Dino Fetscher.

The 35-year old star plays *spoiler alert* Glawen Curr the long-lost husband of General Bel Riose (Ben Daniels), two characters who have quickly become central figures in this galaxy-spanning epic.

And Foundation is just the latest buzzy role for this actor on the rise, who—believe it or not—first made a name for himself as Mr. Gay UK 2008.

Image Credit: Mr. Gay UK 2008

That’s right, back in ’08, Fetscher was just 19, studying acting in London when he joined the annual beauty contest for gay men. He went on to win the competition in a red speedo—he claims the distinction of being the first Welsh Mr. Gay UK—and basically hasn’t left the spotlight since.

Fetscher’s first big TV break came when he played the role of a himbo named Aiden in Russell T Davies’ Cucumber, the 2015 dramedy about modern gay life in England, and also starred in his own episode of its spin-off anthology series, Banana.

He would later reunite with Davies (who also created Queer As Folk, It’s A Sin, and is also currently helming Doctor Who) for the renowned TV producer’s dystopian family drama Years And Years.

Other projects of Fetscher’s include a small cameo in magician action flick Now You See Me 2, a recurring role in the trippy AI drama Humans, and the queer historical biopic series Gentleman Jack.

Among his stage credits is a West End production of Larry Kramer‘s AIDS drama The Normal Heart, which earned him an Olivier Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. (Fun fact, his co-star Ben Daniels was also nominated for an Olivier—and now the two play husbands on Foundation!)

So, yeah, Fetscher has already played plenty of queer roles in the past decade of his career, and that’s exactly how he likes it. In a new interview with Attitude the actor says, “It’s really important for young queer kids to see a queer character and then to find out that actor is queer in real life. It’s really empowering.”

He continues on, reflecting on where we’ve been and sharing his optimism for the future: “We’ve just spent how many decades having to live closeted, exhausted lives of keeping secrets, and now we’re able to be out. We’re in a place where there are roles for us that are nuanced, finally. Roles that aren’t just stereotypical or rehashing the same storylines, they’re becoming much more detailed and exciting.”

Proving his point, Fetscher’s already lined up his next exciting projects—both of which will see him starring opposite other out actors. There’s the comedic short, Good Boy, in which he shares screen time with Ben Whishaw, and then he’ll have a role in the mystery thriller Fool Me Once alongside Richard Armitage, which is expected to hit Netflix before the year is up.

He’s definitely sky-rocketed to the top of our list of actors to watch out for—and our list of out gay hotties to crush on.

Scroll on down through some of Fetscher’s steamiest Instagram shots to see why:


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