Donald Trump dared TV crews to show the size of his rally crowd… and then one of them did

Donald Trump dared TV crews to show the size of his rally crowd… and then one of them did

You are currently viewing Donald Trump dared TV crews to show the size of his rally crowd… and then one of them did
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Former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, yesterday. It took place on the day the state held its primaries.

At such events, Trump typically gives a rambling, unfocussed speech that hits his usual MAGA talking points. This includes how the 2020 election was “stolen” and how he’s the victim of a political witch hunt. He often taunts what he calls the “fake news” media.

This occasion was no different. He often complains the media refuses to broadcast how big his rallies are. He did so again this time, pointing to the cameras and saying they refused to show the whole room to give a clear indication of how many people were in attendance.

One might think he was playing to an arena-sized audience. However, on this occasion, one of the camera crews in attendance did duly pull back.

Online, some said they could see “tens of people”. Another more generously estimated at less than 500. Many said it looked like he was speaking to a quarter-full school gymnasium.

It should be noted there had been a snowstorm earlier in the day. But still, George Conway, former husband of Kellyanne Conway, suggested it was a poor turnout compared to the numbers who turned up last week in Des Moines to hear Liz Cheney talk. The former Rep. is a vocal critic of Donald Trump.

The Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Photo: YouTube)

False statements about winning in 2020

Trump’s speech in Wisconsin made headlines because he again repeated his false claims that he won the state in 2020. This is not true. Trump won it in 2016 but lost to Joe Biden by 21,000 votes in 2020.

“Look, we won in 2016. We did much better in 2020. I hate to say it. We did a hell of a lot better. But there’s more spirit now than at any time than we’ve ever seen,” Trump told his cozy rally last night.

Elsewhere in his speech, Trump slammed what he called “transgender insanity” and promised to “keep men out of women’s sport” (at the 51.50 mark).

Trump duly did win the Wisconsin primary last night, as expected. He has no serious Republican challengers remaining. However, he only picked up 80% of the vote. Around 20% of those casting votes opted for Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. Both candidates have suspended their campaigns.

Observers believe this is a protest vote by Republicans who do not want to see Trump stand again and who may not vote for him come November.

Joe Biden also won his primary in the Badger State yesterday. However, he picked up 90% of the vote. Again, observers believe the 10% who didn’t cast a vote for Biden did so as a protest, primarily over his handling of the war in Gaza.

Wisconsin is considered a swing state in the upcoming election. Both Biden and Trump are expected to make more visits there over the coming months.


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