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Beauty tips, that is. Recently, I found a couple of articles that had some good and interesting beauty tips that I thought I could pass on — along with the daily special, which is liver and onions, by the way.

The HuffingtonPost.com had an article devoted to lips. The interesting angle is that it was directed towards older lips. A cosmetic chemist told the HuffPost, “As you get older, your skin tends to thin and develop more lines and furrows, which act as ‘channels’ for lipstick, which has pigments that are slightly soluble in the product’s oils.”’ The result is something called “feathering” as the lip line is disrupted by these minute vertical lines of lip gloss leaching out.

The solution includes multiple steps. Line your lips with some concealer to seal up those furrows; use a drier matte lipstick rather than wetter glossy types; apply the matte color with a brush rather than direct application; gently blot the initial application; and second coat it with more matte color; set it all with a transparent powder. Although it was directed to mature women, the advice here would work to beautify any lips.

My Pinterest.com feed put a link for crossdresser beauty tips in front of me. It turned out to be an article from 2016 but beauty is timeless. This appeared on a site called Feminization.us. I thought it was a good compilation of tips that pointed out the differences in mens’ faces and womens’ faces and how to minimize them for the crossdressing set

I’m dropping some of the salient points here:

The forehead receives little attention but is a large area to hide or show. Women generally have a more vertical forehead, men more backward sloping. And men have a brow ridge above the eyes that women do not. Since we can’t do anything about our foreheads, the author recommends wispy, gentle bangs to distract from that area. She recommends against straight “bowl cut” bangs because the straight line draws attention to the angularity of male faces.

In the eye area, men have lower brows and deeper set eyes. Brows can be shaped with cosmetic technique short of plucking or professional shaping. Again, there’s not much we can do if we have deep set eyes with receding eyelids compared to women. Enhancing your lashes with mascara or false lashes can bring them forward. Of course, getting good with eye makeup (one of the more difficult skills for crossdressers to master) is a huge help to keep our eyes from seeming to sink further into our sockets and seem dull where cis-women so often shine.

The nose and jawline can be minimized with cosmetics by shading or highlighting areas to create an optical illusion of softer, less masculine bone structure. A shoulder length wig that can be brought forward on the sides can also disguise a strong jawline.

For cheeks, the author points out, “A common mistake is to apply a stripe of blush along the bottom of the cheekbones. This enhances the angular appearance of your face. Instead, blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. This gives you a feminine glow and creates the illusion of fuller cheeks.”

Read it yourself through the links above. If you have a particular problem area, you can look for YouTube tutorials of which there are plenty. But it’s good to remember that your male face isn’t going to respond to cosmetics the same way as a woman’s. It seems obvious but to keep that in mind and how to overcome it made this article worth reading.


I watched the Netflix film Unfrosted earlier this month. It seems to have received mixed reaction from viewers but I kind of liked it. I think it probably works better for people who are old enough to get the mash-up of 1960s events, personalities, and consumer items in the story. Melissa McCarthy is in a supporting role and seeing her reminded me of my occasional attraction to what I call “cute fat girls.” Apologies for the un-modern reference but I come not to fat-shame but to fat-appreciate.

A plus size beauty.

Melissa McCarthy had a supporting role in the early 2000s series Gilmore Girls where I first realized the appeal of plump women. Once that dam was breached, I started to notice it all around me. There were women at work, a few at my bowling league nights, other women on television and movies, etc. And, yes, a few crossdressers I saw in online photo collections.

Many things in life, including appreciating beauty – whether thin or fat – depend on degree and individual preference. Like many cis-women, some crossdressers who have some extra weight celebrate their curves. And their admirers have assembled galleries of Big Beautiful Crossdressers (BBCDs). A few Diners ago I wrote about plus-size drag queens and, like those ladies, some of the plus-size crossdressers online also manage to present an appealing and sexy image.

Slimness for crossdressers can be a double-edged sword: clothing can look great draped over a thin frame. It can also point out the sharp male angles and lack of feminine curves that work against the presentation. Some meat on the bones can soften those sharp angles and provide enough fleshy canvas to soften facial features, create cleavage or some booty, or a shapelier pair of legs.

Many of us are saddened by the extra pound or twenty we might be carrying . And perhaps we feel (as I sometimes do) that the extra weight spoils our appearance. Take a look at some plus-size famous ladies (there are actually plenty around) and use those as models to play up the advantages of a little extra ballast.


Lace has its place.

I saw an article on HuffPost.com headlined Lace Undies Have Been Banned in Three Countries. It was dated April 24, 2024. The article points out that panties made of cotton or with a cotton gusset are more hygienic than synthetic materials. But then, the shocker: “Yet three countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, effectively banned lace panties starting back in 2014. The bans aren’t about modesty or concerns about what people might be doing in the privacy of their bedrooms. Instead, these governments think that lace underwear without a cotton lining is unhygienic and poses a threat to one’s health.”

I hate to be the “ugly American” but I never thought of Russia, Belarus, or Kazakhstan as leaders in women’s health but there you have it. If you and your lady are planning a trip to the Urals or thereabouts tell her to leave the lacy underalls at home. And that goes for you too, Diner patrons!

Actually, in the discussion of lace panties versus cotton undies, we crossdressers have a leg up, so to speak. Dr. Jennifer Angler, a urogynecologist, told the HuffPost, “Cotton is considered the ‘gold standard’ of panties when it comes to wicking away moisture and keeping the vaginal area clean and fresh.” The article continued, “Synthetic materials like spandex and nylon may trap moisture and heat. This creates ‘an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to grow and cause infection,’” said another doctor they spoke to.

So it would appear that we have no need to fear if we choose lace or synthetic panties. Our boys are not going to develop infections by disdaining the mundane cotton panty. Later in the article, it says that – like many things – moderation is the key rather than an outright ban of lacy, silky, satiny underoos. Occasional wear or wearing during cooler temperatures when moisture buildup may be less should lower risk of yecchy results.

In my favorite section, HuffPost subheads with “Consider What You’re Wearing Them For.” Yes, let us consider why we may wish to choose a lacy or shiny pair of panties for some special occasion. If you’re going out, you may want something sturdier – whether cotton or synthetic – to withstand the rigors of moving around or waiting tables here at the Diner. But if you’re staying in for a solo adventure you may want something more delicate or (dare I say) sexy downstairs. Lace has its place after all.


Joshua Kolotka in femme disguise.

I came across a news article that made me stop and think. The headline on Florida’s CBS12 News website was headlined, Stolen Boat Suspect Dons Wig and Dress In Poor Attempt to Disguise Himself. The story appeared on April 26, 2024.

Here are the pertinent facts and a photo of the suspect caught in drag: “A man is accused of stealing a boat after he attempted to evade arrest by disguising himself as a woman in Lakeport on Wednesday. The Glades County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) said just after 3 p.m., deputies were investigating a recovered stolen boat in the Old Calusa Lodge area. As deputies searched the surrounding area, they saw 33-year-old Joshua Kolotka allegedly exiting a residence dressed as a woman in an attempt to conceal his identity. Kolotka was apprehended by deputies, according to the sheriff’s office. A photo taken by deputies shows Kolotka wearing a blonde short wig, sunglasses, and a blue patterned dress.”

Okay, so the suspect sees the cops searching the area around his house. He somehow has at his disposal (in a short amount of time) a dress that fits and a blonde wig. It made me wonder if perhaps this wasn’t his first foray into the joys of our favorite hobby. What man has a dress that fits and a wig that doesn’t look like it was bought last Halloween if he hasn’t transvested before? Despite the news report headline, Joshua doesn’t look all that bad given the emergency circumstance of his brief cavort en femme. I’ve seen a lot worse crossdressing efforts online by fellas with all the time in the world to practice their craft.

For those of us serious crossdressers (who may or may not also steal boats), going out dressed is always an exciting venture. All of our senses are heightened by the experience, including perhaps some nervousness as we make our way into public. But imagine the thrill of being dressed while trying to evade a grand theft: boat charge! I wouldn’t go so far as to encourage a life of crime, thrillseekers, but until you’ve gone on the lam as your feminine alter ego, don’t knock it.


Cosabella Bra Model

My Pinterest.com feed had an item that caught my eye. This particular ‘pin’ as they are called included a link to a Cosabella Bra advertisement. As you can see in the accompanying photo, our model is a woman in need of a world class brassiere.

The ad notes that Cosabella bras are “designed for ultra-fuller busts.” The bra has “soft stretch, non-sheer scalloped lace lined with power mesh for support.” The bras are not cheap, coming with a $79.95 price tag. But if you’re a woman with “ultra-fuller” boobs, what price style and comfort, I ask ya?

Some crossdressers go for the ultra-large bosom look. Would they get their money’s worth from a Cosabella brassiere? I have doubts. But if you’re sporting a professionally produced breast form or breastplate (like from our advertiser The Breast Form Store) you might find a Cosabella bra a decent investment.

As for myself, I just like women with gigantic breasts in brassieres with a “sweetheart neckline and non-padded cups” as the Cosabella website promises. Actually, reading that last sentence back, I could have stopped at “I just like women with gigantic breasts.”

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