Did you know the new ‘Scream’ director is a hot gay daddy?

Did you know the new ‘Scream’ director is a hot gay daddy?

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Ask almost any gay horror fan what their favorite scary movie is and they’ll probably tell you it’s Scream—actually, they’ll tell you it’s Scream and then proceed to rank all six films in the franchise for you!

By now, it’s no surprise to say that the gays are obsessed with the Scream movies. We love the blend of horror and comedy, we love the meta-commentary skewering the genre’s tropes, we love the cast of actresses we have no choice but to stan, and we especially love that it was created by a gay screenwriter, Kevin Williamson.

But, up until this point, all six films in the series have been directed by straight men: The legendary Wes Craven helmed the original up through the belated Scream 4 in 2011, and filmmaking duo Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett) have made the two most recent “legacy sequels.”

Earlier this month, however, The Hollywood Reporter announced a new director would take over for the (tentatively titled) Scream 7: Christopher Landon—and it turns out, he’s a hot gay daddy!

The son of Bonanza and Little House On The Prairie star Michael Landon, Christopher Landon, 48, grew up around Hollywood and soon followed his father’s footsteps, studying filmmaking in college before dropping out to pursue screenwriting full time.

He wrote his first feature in 1998, the crime drama Another Day In Paradise, and then came out as gay the following year, which he says hurt his career. “I was the flavor of the month, and then I was quickly dismissed,” he once told Variety.

But Landon kept at it, and experienced a major breakthrough when a spec script of his became the surprise spring blockbuster Disturbia in 2007. After that, he made his directorial debut with the dark anthology Burning Palms (which was poorly reviewed), and then became one of the leading creative voices behind the successful found-footage horror series, Paranormal Activity.

Since then, he’s written and directed a series of original horror-comedies that prove he’s the perfect guy gay to tackle Scream. His movie, Happy Death Day (and its sequel Happy Death Day 2U) puts a fiendishly clever slasher spin on the old Groundhog Day trope and became a proper cult hit. And, similarly, 2020’s Freaky is a total blast that asks, “What if you Freaky Friday‘d, but instead of swapping bodies with your mom, you wound up trapped inside the body of a serial killer?”

With an arch sense of humor, a clear appreciation for horror movie tropes, a deft handle on tone, and no inhibitions when it comes to gore and jump-scares, Landon is well-suited for a franchise like Scream and, frankly, we can’t wait to see him take a stab at Ghostface.

Plus, consider this: His latest movie—Netflix‘s family-friendly We Have A Ghost—co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, so it’s not unreasonable to think he could call up his pal for an appearance in Scream 7, making many people’s fan-casting dreams come true. Including Jenna Ortega’s.

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Which brings us back to our earlier point: Yes, Landon is very qualified for the job, but it also feels important to note that he’s a total dreamboat and a proper daddy, to boot.

Landon’s been married to Cody Morris since 2016, and together they have two adorable kids, Beau and August. The director posts plenty photos of his family on his Instagram, and they’re all so impossibly cute we can hardly stand it! But, truly, it fills our hearts with joy—and somehow makes us even happier knowing we have a zaddy, on of our own, taking over the beloved Scream franchise.

Anyway, we’ve done enough talking. For now, we’ll let you bask in the beauty of our future Scream 7 director, Christopher Landon, and his hunky hubby, too.

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