Did Antoni Porowski just come out as a top with this suggestive Instagram photo?

Did Antoni Porowski just come out as a top with this suggestive Instagram photo?

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Image Credit: ‘Queer Eye,’ Netflix

Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski has seemingly been everywhere lately, from a trip to Bali with his fiancé Kevin Harrington, to a bachelor party in the mountains of Tennessee, to the VIP box at an NFL game with Taylor Swift.

But one place you won’t find him? On the bottom.

At least, we think that’s what he’s trying to tell us with a rather suggestive photo he shared on Instagram this week. Or maybe we’re just reading into things too much. Maybe?

The post in question features Porowski—showing off his hulking biceps in a black tank—and his bestie Benj Pasek (one half of the award-winning duo behind the music of Dear Evan Hansen and La La Land) standing on either side of a park sign that reads, “DUMPSTER 100 FEET ON THE LEFT.”

The sign features an arrow pointing directly at Pasek, his hands up and shoulders hunched in a classic “whattayagonnado?” shrug.

“Read the sign,” the guacamole-loving TV personality writes in the caption. Well, we are reading it, Antoni—and we have some questions!

Sure, it’s not uncommon for friends to jokingly call their messy BFFs “dumpster fires” or refer to them as “trash,” but, as one of the post’s most-liked comments notes, the photo “may have very different interpretations for gay vs straight people.”

“What kind of dumpster?,” asks a curious follower. Exactly. That’s what we were wondering, too. 👀

And though the shot is of Porowski and his pal—not his future husband Kevin Harrington—many gays are assuming this is the Queer Eye star’s way of not-so-subtly hinting about his sexual preferences.

“Crazyyyyy way to come out as a top,” user @dmyaaaaa jokes in a comment that currently has over 300 likes. “Woulda thought it was the other way around,” adds another.

Look, it may seem like a big assumption to make based off of one photo. But don’t forget: This man’s been spending time with Taylor Swift lately, and she loves hiding cryptic clues about new music in pretty much everything she posts, so maybe she gave Porowski a few ideas?

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!,” comments Pasek—spoken like a true vers king! (We assume!)

Given the wooded campground setting, one can imagine the photo is from Porowski’s aforementioned bachelor party weekend—which made headlines of its own when it turned out Tan France was the only member of the Fab Five that got the invite.

“The shade of it all,” his Queer Eye co-star Karamo Brown joked on Andy Cohen’s radio show.

But it sounds like there’s no bad blood between these guys, at least not until the wedding RSVPs are sent out! Brown said he assumes he, Jonathan Van Ness, and Bobby Berk will get the invite, “but if we were not, I would be okay.”

In any event, we’re more excited about the honeymoon anyway—if only so we can see more photos of Porowski and Harrington like these:

Image Credit: Instagram, @antoni
Image Credit: Instagram, @kevharrington
Image Credit: Instagram, @kevharrington


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