David Archuleta’s latest power ballad, Kossisko’s disco throwback, Rico Nasty & Boys Noize are feeling “H.O.T.”

David Archuleta’s latest power ballad, Kossisko’s disco throwback, Rico Nasty & Boys Noize are feeling “H.O.T.”

You are currently viewing David Archuleta’s latest power ballad, Kossisko’s disco throwback, Rico Nasty & Boys Noize are feeling “H.O.T.”
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It’s a wild, wild day for pop music as Queen Bey gallops onto the scene with her long-awaited album COWBOY CARTER. But, as much as we are living for this drop, you may want to hold onto your hats and spurs, because there’s a stampede of phenomenal new music from a plethora of queer artists that deserve a spin and may just be what your playlist needs as we ride into the weekend.

Giddy up and tune in to this week’s edition of Bop After Bop…

“Anyone But Him” by Zee Machine and Bentley Robles

Forget Beyoncé and Miley; this is the iconic duet that is making us gag this week! “Anyone But Him” marks the second collaboration between queer pop superstars Zee Machine and Bentley Robles, following 2023’s hit “See Me Naked.” This dynamic duo has delivered another banger, just in time for their joint “Tears & Gearz” tour starting next week. Tackling a topic that constantly circulates on Gay Twitter X™, Zee and Bentley croon about the perils and jealousy sometimes present in open relationships. With a dark, pulsating beat, electric guitar elements, and an irresistible hook, these boys are setting a boundary for themselves and in the pop music landscape.

“Hell Together” by David Archuleta

Everyone’s obsessed with our boy “Archie”! Fresh off presenting at this year’s Queerties Awards, David Archuleta is hitting the ground running with the new single “Hell Together.” The chorus is inspired by what Archuleta’s mother said to him after he left his Mormon faith: ‘If you go to Hell, we’re all going to Hell with you.’ With an uplifting gospel vibe, it’s a touching celebration about finding joy and familial support beyond religious confines, setting the stage for Archuleta’s forthcoming 2025 memoir.

“Divine Intervention” by ETHAN

Aussie pop boy ETHAN has dropped his debut EP titled Divine Intervention, featuring an amazing title track that is clearly conjuring a higher power in pop. This club-ready bop has a supernatural pull on any listener, with a trance-infused sound and ETHAN’s seductive vocals that will undoubtedly keep you hypnotized.

“H.O.T.” by Rico Nasty and Boys Noize

Rico Nasty and Boys Noize have unleashed a sonic storm with their new track “H.O.T.” Cut from their EP titled HARDC0RE DR3AMZ, this collaboration is a savage fusion of techno beats and Rico Nasty’s bratty, fierce energy, creating a restless atmosphere that’s both chaotic and intoxicating. With elements of hip-hop and hyper-pop, “H.O.T.” delivers a dance floor anthem for any baddie that tests the limits and demands attention.

“Texting” by Jay Kent

Filipina R&B artist Jay Kent’s new track “Texting” is a sultry homage to the ever-opaque sapphic situationship. Blending smooth vocals with poignant lyrics about being caught in a chronically online romance, Kent oozes with sensuality through the song’s bittersweet tone. With a unique blend of R&B and pop, this track is a comforting yet thought-provoking bop for those navigating the challenges of love in the digital age.

“Talk To Me” by Kossisko

Grammy-nominated artist Kossisko is serving lavish disco allure with their latest single “Talk To Me,” setting the stage for their upcoming SLAYERZ BALL album, due June 7. With a glamorous, high-energy vibe, “Talk To Me” channels the essence of disco’s sexy and triumphant qualities, blending string and horn combos to create a twerking anthem disguised within a disco framework. If this unapologetic, celebratory track gets you moving, make sure you grab a ticket to the “SLAYERZ BALL” tour this summer.

“Electric” by Darin

Swedish pop superstar Darin’s new single “Electric” marks a triumphant return to the pop scene with his first English-language release since 2022. Its infectious synth-pop beat, smooth vocals and pulsating rhythm is a testament to Darin’s ability to craft chart-topping hits that resonate with audiences worldwide. With more than half a billion streams to his name, eight number-one albums in his home country and multiple Swedish Grammy wins, Darin is Sweden’s most successful male pop artist, and you won’t want to be out of the loop after this drop.

“Don’t Give Up On Love” by Micah McLaurin

Micah McLaurin shines with his new single “Don’t Give Up On Love,” a disco anthem pulsating with perseverance. Twinkling with timeless strings, the track showcases Micah’s evolution from classical virtuoso to pop sensation. The accompanying visual, choreographed by Leo Moctezuma and creatively directed by Nicola Formichetti, adds an avant-garde magnetism to the song, reinforcing McLaurin’s message that love, both in music and life, is worth fighting for.


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