“Cobra Peçonhenta” (Venomous Snake) reflects on toxic relationships and poisonous interactions; watch SYHMOM’s music video

“Cobra Peçonhenta” (Venomous Snake) reflects on toxic relationships and poisonous interactions; watch SYHMOM’s music video

You are currently viewing “Cobra Peçonhenta” (Venomous Snake) reflects on toxic relationships and poisonous interactions; watch SYHMOM’s music video
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The artist from São Paulo, SYHMOM, known for his musical versatility and ability to move between many genres, has released the music video for his newest single “Cobra Peçonhenta” (Venomous Snake). The indie rock souding song is a metaphor about toxic relationships, deceit, and the pain of betrayal. The video is now available on all digital platforms and on YouTube, promising to be a milestone in the artist’s career.”

SYHMOM (Photo: reproduction/publicity)

The concept behind “Cobra Peçonhenta” emerged from SYHMOM’s personal experiences and observations of human nature. “I wrote the chorus for ‘Cobra Peçonhenta’ during a complicated romantic relationship back in 2015. But it was in 2018, after a turbulent electoral dispute, that I completed the verses and concluded the composition of this song, which leaves room for various interpretations. Who has never been hurt by a friend or disappointed by a family member? It has this essence of talking about falsehood, betrayal and mistrust within the relationships we build.”.


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Drawing inspiration from video clips from international icons such as Destiny’s Child and SZA, SYHMOM brings to the music video of “Cobra Peçonhenta” a rich, multi-faceted aesthetic. The video is set in two main locations: sometimes in a forest with an abundance of natural elements and sometimes against an all-white background where SYHMOM appears singing.

Under the direction of Luciano Teck, the video covers three independent narratives that dialogue with each other through the song’s central theme. SYHMOM himself unfolds into three roles in the video, including a politician, a dark persona, and a venomous being, highlighting the art and makeup work by Letícia Costa.

I play three characters. I start as one of those political characters we all know well. Always in advertisements with that beautiful light, with restrained gestures and fake smiles. And then I draw a parallel with a darker personality And I transform into this wild and crawling creature in the middle of the woods, without any glam. As the lyrics are very self-explanatory, I believe that everyone who listens to the song and watches the video will relate it to very personal experiences”, shares SYHMOM.


SYHMOM’s musical career is marked by his constant evolution and search for innovation. From his childhood in a family of artists to his first experiences on stage, SYHMOM has always been immersed in the world of music, exploring various genres and styles. The artist, who had already captured the attention of the public and critics with previous singles such as “Amanhã” and “Baba”, now prepares for the release of his first authorial album in the first half of 2024.

SYHMOM (Photo: reproduction/publicity)

“Cobra Peçonhenta” is not just a promising single in the discography of SYHMOM (@syhmomoficial), it’s a work that invites reflection on the dynamics of power and the social masks that often surround us. With its release, SYHMOM not only solidifies his position as an innovative artist in the Brazilian music scene, but also offers a musical antidote against the poisons of human relationships: awareness and the strength to free oneself from them.


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“Não ficamos mais presos a um ritmo ou estilo específico por estar tocando na TV ou Rádio”, opina o cantor Syhmom

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