Classy Crossdressers: How to Flaunt Your Best Female Features

Classy Crossdressers: How to Flaunt Your Best Female Features

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Classy Crossdressers: How to Flaunt Your Best Female Features

Looking your best as a crossdresser or transgender woman is all about showcasing your most attractive features – whether it’s your stunning legs, lovely bust, or flawless derriere.

However, this doesn’t mean squeezing into the skimpiest outfit you can find. Class and style are the name of the game.

So, how do you flaunt your best feminine assets in a tasteful way? Let’s explore some easy and elegant tips for your MTF transformation or transition.

Gorgeous Legs? Here’s How to Flaunt Them

medium length skirt

Choose the right skirt length

Experiment with skirt lengths to discover what flatters your legs best. Generally, a length that’s 1-2 inches above or below the knee works well.

Here’s a simple test for finding the best skirt length for your body:

  • Stand in front of a mirror wearing the shoes you typically pair with skirts or dresses.
  • Take a bath towel and hold it horizontally in front of your legs, simulating a skirt.
  • Raise and lower the towel and observe which length makes your legs look best.

Opt for pantyhose

different shades of pantyhose

Although pantyhose isn’t as popular as it used to be, hosiery adds polish and definition to the legs. It’s also a great way to cover up imperfections.

The secret is to wear the sheerest pantyhose you can find for a sexy, modern look.

Try D’orsay pumps

purple dorsay
D’Orsay pump with a high heel
dorsay shoes
D’Orsay pump with a low heel

The D’Orsay is a shoe style where the sides are cut away to reveal the arch of the foot. This is an elegant shoe style that’s perfect for showing off beautiful legs.

While high heels give your legs maximum definition, the D’Orsay is also flattering in flats and low pumps.

Beautiful Breasts? Show Them Off Gracefully

Go for deep “V” necklines

low neck black longsleeves

The easiest way to show off beautiful breasts is to wear a low cut top. V-neck tops are especially flattering.

But how low is too low? A good rule of thumb is to show off 20%-40% of your bust. This gives you sex appeal, while keeping it classy.

Find tops that frame your breasts

halter back red top

Another flattering option is to wear tops that frame your breasts. Consider halter tops or those with shirring around the bust.

The more defined the bust area, the more your assets will stand out.

Apply some shimmer powder

shimmer powder

A final way to make your bust pop is to apply a bit of shimmer powder to the visible part of the breasts. This highlights the breasts, similar to the way eyeshadow highlights the eyes.

Opt for subtle shimmer powders like Wet N Wild MegaGlo or e.l.f. Cosmetics Baked Highlighter (both inexpensive drugstore finds!) for a natural glow.

All About That Booty? Highlight It Flawlessly

Wear skirts or dresses with ruching in the back

ruching back red skirt

Ruching adds volume to your curves and emphasizes your butt. Look for bottoms with gathering along the seam line. It’s an easy way to enhance your derriere.

Look for bottoms with a sweetheart or “V” shaped back yoke

jeans shape guide

A yoke is a piece of fabric located beneath the waistband of a skirt or pants. Its shape significantly influences your butt’s appearance.

Opt for sweet heart or “v” shaped yokes for a flattering and feminine look. Avoid straight or wide yokes, as these can make your bottom appear square.

Try butt-enhancing shapewear

Even if you are already blessed with a beautiful behind, the right shapewear can give you added oomph under your clothes. Think of it like a push-up bra for your behind.

Here are 3 top-reviewed booty enhancers to consider:

Which Feature Will YOU Flaunt?

Remember, confidence is your best accessory! Embrace your favorite feature and let your inner beauty shine. 

So, which part of your body do you love the most? Is it your legs, breasts, booty, or something else entirely?

Please take my poll and share your comments and photos below!


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