Boyfriend reveal: Johnny Sibilly hard-launches new partner, and we are looking respectfully!

Boyfriend reveal: Johnny Sibilly hard-launches new partner, and we are looking respectfully!

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Image Credit: X, @JohnnySibilly

If you’re here, you probably already know how we feel about Johnny Sibilly.

We’re delighted every time he pops up on television—especially in some of our favorite LGBTQ+ shows like Hacks, Pose, and Queer As Folk—we love hearing him every week on the Queerties-nominated Tres Leches podcast with Ian Paget and Juan Torres-Falcon, and we squeal with glee every time he comes across our social media feeds.

But one of Sibilly’s most recent posts on Twitter X fully stopped us in our tracks, and suddenly we were overcome with a mixture of intense jealousy and a serious case of the Awwwww!‘s.

On Tuesday, March 27, the actor shared a sideways photo (talk about a head-turner!) of himself in the arms of—and getting a little forehead smooch from—another man, complete with a simple “💞” caption.

Our first question: Who is this gorgeous man getting cozy with the equally gorgeous Johnny Sibilly?

Well, after an intense investigation, we finally had an answer (hint: we looked at who Sibilly tagged in the post). His name is Phillip Davis, he’s an “ex gymnast / cheerleader” and he appears to be from “SoFlo,” a.k.a. the larger Miami metropolitan area often referred to as South Florida.

Davis has thousands of followers across Instagram and X, and his bios also link to an OnlyFans page, which features the simple tease: “let’s have some fun 😉”

Naturally, our next question was: So, are Sibilly and Davis actually together, like the photo seems to suggest, or are they just friends who like to hug and kiss one another on the forehead?

Well, the intrepid reporters at Out went right to the source, confirming with Sibilly that, indeed, this is a “hard launch” for a smoking-hot new relationship. And we are so here for it!

Now, depending on how closely you follow along, this might not actually be breaking news. As far as we can tell, Sibilly first shared a pic with Davis in a requisite month-end “photo dump” Instagram post on February 29, which warranted some flirty emoji reactions between the two in the comments.

The next day, it was Davis’ turn for an Instagram photo dump—”the last few weeks”—which included a selfie of the two in the carousel and featured a reply from Sibilly: “Baby boy 🦋.”

And then there was the Elton John ADIS Foundation’s annual Oscars watch party on March 10, where both gents looked incredibly dapper while sporting suit jackets and showing off a tasteful peek of chest hair. In the comments on Davis’ post, Sibilly made their status pretty clear, writing “mine 💕” beneath the photos.

And, as if they still hadn’t dropped enough breadcrumbs, there was that sexy dual selfie Sibilly shared on X just a week ago…

Phew! All this social media stalking investigative work has us exhausted. Point is, these two have been together for a little while now, so we’re glad they’re finally making it official!

Aside from weekly new episodes of his Tres Leches podcast, Sibilly can next be seen in the long-awaited return of Hacks, with a third season slated to drop on Max on May 2.

As for Davis, you can always keep up with him on social media—we promise you won’t be disappointed!:


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