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At War Again

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I expect that everyone is aware that Hamas launched a surprised attack in Israel on Shemini Atzeret, the last day of the Jewish Fall Holy Days. This was also on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war in 1973, so the exact timing was chosen very carefully. The decision to attack on Shabbat and a Holy Day while everyone was asleep was a very calculated decision to maximize casualties and hostages. Of course, they have learned this from the best, as the U.S. military and police forces use the exact same tactic.

I know that there are many mixed emotions in the trans community over this. Many in the trans community are pro-Palestinian, and I hold space for them. I have spoken very rigorously at times about the violations that the Israeli government has committed. But, make no mistake, what Hamas did, sponsored by Iran, went beyond the pale.

The saddest part is that Israel ALWAYS responds with huge force. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank not aligned with Hamas will suffer terribly because of the actions of Hamas, as well as Hezbollah in the north. When this is done, there may be nothing left of Hamas, or the Gaza strip.

Anyone who watched the last season of Project Runway knows that one of the competitors, Rami, was a queer Palestinian man.  He couldn’t be true to who he was in Palestine, so he came to the U.S..  How many other trans and queer people will lose their lives in this war, for the ego and aggression of Iran and Hamas?

Hamas has never been willing to negotiate with Israel in any fashion. They have vowed to push Israel into the sea.  The reality is that the League of Nations created Israel in 1948. Israel didn’t steal the Land. And when the world spoke, Gaza and the West Bank were given to the Palestinians and the Sinai back to Egypt, however tenuously.

Israel and Egypt have made peace. The same with Jordan.  Why not the Palestinians? Certainly, a large part goes to Israel’s actions, but a large part goes to their actions and ideologies as well.

I know this isn’t hugely connected to the trans world, except for the fact that I have seen a lot of social media traffic amongst the trans community discussing this war. So, I feel compelled to discuss it here.

I know it’s a very painful issue, wherever you sit on the political spectrum. If you believe Hamas was justified in their actions, know that I see you, and I don’t judge you for your beliefs. If you believe Israel is justified in their actions, know that I see you, and I don’t judge you for your beliefs.

There will be a lot of hurt feelings in the community. There are very conservative people in the trans community. There are very progressive people in the community. There are people like me who have very mixed ideologies. Whoever you are and whatever your ideology, I see you, and I know you are troubled by this war.

Last night at my synagogue, Temple Beth Sholom (House of Peace), Senator Jacky Rosen, D-NV, offered the following prayer:

Oseh shalom bim’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol Yisrael (v’al kol yoshvei teivel) v’im’ru amein.

May the One who brings peace from above bring peace to all of us, all of Israel (and all the inhabitants of the world) and let us say amen.

This prayer is said in many places in Jewish liturgy, and is a very powerful prayer, which I think says it all. I hope that all of us in the trans community, regardless of our ideologies or religious beliefs, can find ways to dialogue peacefully about the war in Israel, and I hope the world community can help bring it to a speedy, satisfactory conclusion.

Peace,  Rona

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