Artist goes viral with “Adam and Steve”, the gay version of Adam and Eve

Artist goes viral with “Adam and Steve”, the gay version of Adam and Eve

You are currently viewing Artist goes viral with “Adam and Steve”, the gay version of Adam and Eve
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Have you ever thought about a modern, gay reinterpretation of Adam and Eve? The Canadian artist Astra Zero gained social media popularity for their unique artworks. Initially known for his darker style involving zombies and distorted superheroes, his recent work has led him to experiment with reinterpretations of ancient masterpieces and Renaissance classics.

One of his most notable creations was “The Temptation of Adam and Steve”, a reinterpretation of the famous painting by Peter Paul Rubens, “The Fall of Man” (1628). Rubens’ original work depicts Eve being tempted by a demon to eat an apple in the Garden of Eden.

“Temptation of Adam & Steve” – @AstraZero

The version shared on Instagram by @Astrazero this week was censored, but an uncensored version without fig leaves is available on Twitter, both receiving thousands of likes.

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In a conversation with Queerty,Astra Zero revealed his fascination for historical artworks and the drama surrounding them, including the original artists behind them. He also noted how many of these historical artworks portrayed women with rebellious and sexual connotations, and decided to add a queer erotic twist to some of his favorite classics.

“At that time, it was absurd for men to be portrayed with large genitals or to be overly sexual… That was reserved for images of women”, he reflected.

Check out a few more artworks:


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