Anitta refutes fake news about HIV and takes a stand against HIV-related discrimination

Anitta refutes fake news about HIV and takes a stand against HIV-related discrimination

You are currently viewing Anitta refutes fake news about HIV and takes a stand against HIV-related discrimination
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Anitta used her social media on Tuesday (02) to address for the first time a series of fake news claiming that she is living with HIV. The rumors started after the singer’s recent hospitalization, where she is being treated for a severe case of endometriosis.

Anitta (Photo: Reproduction)

On Twitter, the singer took a stand against the stigma surrounding the virus. “I don’t care at all. Having HIV is not an insult. If I were to sue every piece of fake news they’ve invented about me since I took a political stance, I’d end up spending all my money just paying lawyers”, Anitta explained.

On the same social media network, the singer also mentioned that this isn’t the first time she’s chosen to ignore a false news story about herself. “I’ll only spend when it’s something relevant. There was also a video of oral sex where they edited my face onto it… I only bothered to open it because I wanted to see if they were at least doing it well… so that whoever believes it’s me at least sees “me” doing a great performance”, the artist pointed out.

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Following her statement on Twitter, UNAIDS responded to the artist’s tweet: “Thanks, Anitta, for clarifying things to people! The person living with HIV who is in treatment and achieves viral suppression can become undetectable, and HIV is no longer transmissible through unprotected sexual intercourse. Information is the key to promote a world without stigma and discrimination!”.

Diagnosis of endometriosis

In an interview on the Fantástico program, last month, Anitta talked about herdiagnosis of endometriosis. On tour in Europe, the singer talked about the difficulty in diagnosing the illness, her struggle with pain, and the need for urgent surgery.

The singer took approximately nine years to discover the cause of her pain.The help came from a friend who is a doctor. After Anitta mentioned her pains, the medical professional requested that the artist undergo an MRI, which diagnosedendometriosis, and forwarded her to a specialist doctor.

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