After bedding 30 women on TV, reality star Grant Coulson reveals he’s now dating a man

After bedding 30 women on TV, reality star Grant Coulson reveals he’s now dating a man

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Welcome to the LGBTQ+ fam!

Grant Coulson, of MTV’s Geordie Shore fame, just came out in an interview with The Sun, revealing he’s found the man he wants to marry.

“For years, I hid the real me and now I am finally happy, I feel like everyone needs to know the real me,” he told the outlet. “I feel like I have been hiding myself for such a long period of time, [it’s] just a bit of weight lifted off my shoulders.”

For those unfamiliar with Geordie Shore, the raunchy reality show is basically Jersey Shore, but make it British. During his tenure through 2018, Coulson was known for hooking up with ladies (at least 30, by his estimates) and getting mortal –– British slang for “extremely intoxicated.”

Although Coulson realized he was queer during his Geordie days, he only recently felt comfortable telling the world. “I have known for years but more people are open to it now,” he explained. “It’s not the 1800s, no one’s really bothered anymore.”

Still, the series’ toxic masc energy meant he unfortunately had to fit an archetype of “the kind of people they wanted on the show” –– even as he came to terms with his sexuality.

“I didn’t want anyone to know back then because I felt like it would have ruined the opportunity,” he admitted. “It was a bit like you were in a character because on Geordie Shore, you are around these alpha males who go out every night, pulling lasses basically.”

The pressure of fitting the hunky and hetero stereotype caught up with him. After his time on the show ended, Coulson revealed he was hospitalized and put on anxiety medication.

After meeting his boyfriend Scott, the 31-year-old was inspired to not only accept himself, but share his truth with the world.

“I 100% I wouldn’t be talking about [my sexuality without Scott], it’s only because I have found someone I am comfortable with, who is exactly the same as me,” Coulson said.

The two have even moved in together and gotten a dog named Hugo. Call it puppy love!

Although Coulson told a few of his Geordie Shore co-stars (including onscreen hookup Chloe Ferry), the interview marked the first time his extended family heard the news.

“I wanted [my family] to find out without physically saying the words, ‘I’m gay,’” he explained. “I wanted them to find out I am now with a boy, and this is who I am.”

And despite finding fame in the macho, unscripted arena, Coulson told the Mirror that fans are reacting positively. “A lot of lads in the same position have been reaching out for advice, they’ve said it’s inspiring,” he added.

As for the future, Coulson already hears wedding bells with Scott. “I feel like he is the one, I have definitely settled down,” he said. “I hope marriage is on the cards.”

Check out more pics of the hunky Geordie Shore star below.


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