Actors Kyle Dean Massey & Taylor Frey are about to become daddies again

Actors Kyle Dean Massey & Taylor Frey are about to become daddies again

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Actors Kyle Dean Massey, 42, and Taylor Frey, 37, are just a few weeks away from the arrival of their second child.

In an Instagram post, Frey posted an image of himself and Massey and their daughter, Rafa. He said they were enjoying the final few weeks of being a one-child couple before their family expanded.

“It’s a bizarre thing to understand that our little family of three and this specific and beautiful dynamic is going to change forever in 7 weeks,” he said.

“I have loved this magical few years with Rafa as our only, but I am so excited to welcome my second daughter and Rafa’s sister into our home. But boy- what a sweet time to say goodbye to while we expand this family. I am the luckiest.”

The actors were married in October 2016. Massey is best known for his role on the show Nashville and his many Broadway credits, such as Wicked. Frey was in It Chapter Two and A Date By Christmas Eve.

Both men starred in the Lifetime holiday movie, A Christmas To Treasure, in 2022.

As a couple, they also run Elevate, a surrogacy and egg retrieval agency. They welcomed their first child, Rafa, in 2021. They’ve already decided on a name for their second daughter: Gigi.

Last year, Massey spoke to People about becoming dads again.

“When you go through [surrogacy] the first time, you really have to start from scratch with an egg donor and IVF. For our second journey, while it’s still an enormous undertaking, you do get to skip right to the point of matching with a surrogate,” he says.

The men said that the process of having their first child was complicated by the Covid pandemic in 2020, which made finding a surrogate even harder.

This time, they say they were able to find one more quickly.

“I thought after the first dinner I had with her, ‘Oh this is not only an extremely generous woman. This is someone I could see myself being friends with forever,’ ” Frey told People. “She’s so down to earth and calm and I trust her completely.”

He also said they loved being parents.

“To put it simply, it’s been a dream-filled,” Frey says of parenting Rafa. “I underestimated how wonderful fatherhood could be. She is the most magical little girl. I’ve always known since I was very young that I wanted to become a father, but I didn’t realize that every single day she would make my day.”

Here’s wishing the family all the very best with the smooth arrival of baby Gigi (due around May 10). Check out some more photos of the daddies and Rafa below. Skip to the end to check out Frey and Massey in the trailer for A Christmas Treasure.


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