According to a study by Fatal Model, 28% of male sex workers in Brazil are fathers

According to a study by Fatal Model, 28% of male sex workers in Brazil are fathers

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The Brazilian escort advertising website Fatal Model conducted a survey with 3,000 male sex workers and found that 28% of them are fathers. The survey was conducted among the more than 20,000 advertisers on the platform.

Ton Fernandes (33), an escort who also performs explicit sexual shows in nightclubs, says that his biggest challenge with his three children is the lack of time: “In the escort world, we end up losing a lot of time with scheduling, appointments, and social media. It’s something we need to chase after”.

For Ton, the chosen profession has never been a taboo when it comes to family relationships: “I see that my children look at me as an example of health and work. They insist that I accompany them to parent-teacher meetings to introduce me to their teachers and friends. It’s really nice to see that”.

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28% of male sex workers in Brazil are fathers, according to research

The topic recently resurfaced when Arthur Urach, the son of Andressa, received the following question: “Why did you support your mom returning to prostitution and doing OnlyFans?”. In response, Arthur said: “Guys, here’s the deal, who’s paying her bills? ‘Nop,’ just her, and if this is the way she found to earn her own money, then I’m going to support my mom”.

Now Nina Sag, an escort and communications director for Fatal Model , explains that sex workers live under constant external pressure “Society judges us with a completely misguided view of the profession. We have families, children, friends, and a job to support ourselves, just like anyone else. Prejudice is still very much present and can affect our children”.


Furthermore, Nina Sag states that Fatal Model’s mission is to help organize and dignify the profession of sex workers through an advertising platform where safety and respect come first.

Since 2016, the platform has been using technology to create a professional, safe, and effective environment for both the 20 million monthly users and the more than 20,000 active advertisers.

In 2020, Fatal Model recorded over 100 million users and 275 million visits. The company has more than 300 employees who work daily to ensure that the escort profession “is respected and, above all, seen by society as a worthy job like any other”.

With the aim of breaking down prejudices and paradigms, and combating discrimination against professionals in the field, Fatal Model is increasingly investing in communication for the sake of respect, dignity, and safety. In 2023, the company expanded its sponsorship agreement with EC Vitória and sponsored eight state championships. The brand is also present on advertising boards in the Brazilian Serie A and C championships.

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