5 times anti-gay bigots were caught engaging in very pro-gay behavior behind closed doors

5 times anti-gay bigots were caught engaging in very pro-gay behavior behind closed doors

You are currently viewing 5 times anti-gay bigots were caught engaging in very pro-gay behavior behind closed doors
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Rep. Glenn Thompson made headlines recently after it was revealed that he voted against protecting same-sex marriage rights and then jetted off to celebrate his gay son’s wedding three days later.

Audio from the Pennsylvania Republican’s toast at the wedding leaked a few days after that. In it, he could be clearly heard saying that he was “thankful” that his son found his “true love,” and welcomed the new husband into the family with open arms.

Conveniently left out of Thompson’s toast was any mention of the fact that he was one of 157 Republicans who voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, which seeks to repeal the Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act and require federal recognition of same-sex marriages in the United States.

Of course, he’s hardly the first conservative to be caught taking out of both sides of his mouth. Scroll down for four more anti-LGBTQ bigots who were busted for engaging in some very pro-gay behavior…

Kari Lake

Arizona’s GOP nominee for governor looked like quite the hypocrite when photos of her partying with a famous Phoenix drag queen emerged online earlier this summer right after she joined her fellow Republicans in targeting drag performers, insinuating they’re all perverts and pedophiles. The MAGA queen responded in true Trumpian fashion: By sending a cease and desist letter to the queen who shared the photo with reporters and doubling down on her hatred of LGBTQ people.

Joseph McLoone

The Pennsylvania priest, who regularly preached about the evils of homosexuality, admitted to stealing almost $100,000 from his church in 2019 to pay for a lavish beach party house, boyfriends, and other personal expenses, including a Grindr XTRA account. When confronted about it, he copped to everything, saying he paid for “personal relationships” with guys using church donations. A Grindr XTRA account? That seems pretty pro-gay to us!

Jerry Falwell Jr.

What’s gayer than a circuit party? How about a circuit party… in Miami Beach! The former president of Liberty University and anti-LGBTQ activist swore that wasn’t him in photos taken at a 2014 Miami circuit party that leaked online in 2019. (You can still see the images HERE.) But multiple sources, including the photographer himself, all said otherwise. The images emerged just a few months before the pool boy sex scandal broke, which served as the final nail in Falwell’s evangelical casket.

After resigning from Congress in disgrace but before coming out publicly as gay, the once-rising star of the GOP was recorded stuffing pesos into a male stripper’s briefs at a Mexico City gay bar. Not long after that photos and video of him engaged in a full lip lock with another dude at Coachella, his hand searching for something down the front of the guy’s pants, hit the internet. It wasn’t until 11 months later that Schock finally revealed in a statement that, yeah, OK, he’s gay… then he defended his anti-LGBTQ record in Congress.


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