You’ll never guess who Joel Kim Booster is feuding with

You’ll never guess who Joel Kim Booster is feuding with

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Joel Kim Booster smiles in front of a white step-and-repeat wearing a black suit jacket and golden sash over a white dress shirt. He has perfectly coiffed black hair.

It’s hard to imagine Joel Kim Booster having beef with anyone. 

The 36-year-old comedian and actor is one of the most objectively agreeable (and thirst worthy) queer celebs out there.

But he’s not without his tiffs. 

And during a recent interview with Australian news show The Project, JKB spilled the tea on the mammal he’s currently feuding with. 

Keyword: mammal.

That’s right, we’re talking about koalas. And Joel has got thoughts.

“I think it is a disgrace that this animal is so closely associated with your country,” he told the anchors. “Talk about an animal that brings nothing to the table. Absolutely nothing.”

Ouch! But he didn’t stop there.

“They sleep all day, they’re riddled with disease—STDs—they’re completely out of it all the time,” he explained. “That sounds like my friend Jared.”

We’ve got to admit, the Loot actor makes some points. 

That being said, he’s not opposed to other animals with “fuzzy little ears,” as long as they don’t have chlamydia.

Which is fair — and we’re sure he’d really vibe with a kangaroo. 

Booster hit up the show while visiting down under for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. And it sounds like he’s already gotten quite accustomed to the locale.

“[Australians] have more fun, honestly,” he joked. “You guys stole all the good parts of America and then said no to the guns.”

More importantly, he’s well acquainted with the Aussie queer gym scene. Or lack thereof.

“I find Australian gym culture so incredible because they all look so gay, but they’re so straight,” he revealed. Oop!

Booster has been making the rounds (and hitting up the Criterion Closet) in anticipation of Loot Season 2, which hits Apple TV+ next week.

The hysterical comedy is a bright spot in television, pairing Booster up as the gay personal assistant to hilarious heavyweight Maya Rudolph, who portrays divorcee Molly Wells.

Fittingly, their onscreen bond translates behind-the-scenes. In fact, JKB makes sure Rudolph stays abreast of crucial LGBTQ+ cultural touch points.

Namely, Drag Race star Loosey LaDuca‘s essential (and Queerties-nominated) bop “Let Loose.”


We’re glad to see the busy actors are making time for their unscripted appointment viewings. And as Booster told Pride, “Maya [Rudolph] loves a lip sync!”

A woman after our own hearts!

As for what to expect from the new season, Rudolph said viewers will see their wacky relationships develop even more.

“We love all of these characters, so now getting a chance to see them interact in different combinations has been the fun part,” she told Pride. “It all makes for a very funny soup.”

With these two at the helm, we will be seated!

Watch the trailer for Loot Season 2.


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