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In the ‘90s TGForum had a feature called My Secret which consisted of style, beauty and how-to tips sent in by TGF members. Here is a tip from 1999, sent to TGF by Miss Robin Jean. She shares how she learned to walk like a woman.

We devote a great deal of time and money to our clothes, makeup and hair because one thing we all have in common is that we not only want to be pretty, but confident that we can go out in public without being read. This requires more than beard cover and makeup.

An important factor that is often overlooked is Poise. How we walk, sit and stand is equally important to being a full and complete woman. For me there is nothing more distressing than to see a pretty girl in a beautiful dress, flamboyant hair, with a super makeup job, walking like she was following a plow or had something hanging between her legs. (Hello?) A sure give away.

Men tend to walk with their knees jutting outward while women will most always point their knees straight ahead. Even if some don’t, they should and WE most definitely should because it is important to refine as many feminine traits as possible to attain that all important “Passable”.

Miss Robin Jean

Keeping your feet close together and pointing your toes and knees in the same direction that you are going will produce a more feminine walk. I personally practice this even in drab because it is not an exclusive feminine thing unless you are wearing heels. A more pronounced hip movement can be achieved by concentrating on placing one foot directly in front of the other as you walk, however this may take a little practice to maintain your balance.

It is also important to keep your knees stiff when walking. Of course you must bend your knees as you walk but as you place each step bring your leg back to a stiff and straight position. Ever notice how models walk? This is difficult to do in heels and even some genetic females who are not accustomed to wearing heels, or if their feet are tired will walk with their knees slightly bent. It looks awkward and transmits a message that your feet hurt. I know they really do but no one ever said that being a girl was going to be easy.

Walking discipline may take a little practice and present some difficulty with balance at first but it will be worth it. Try walking slower and taking shorter steps. Besides, it will give the guys more time to check out those swinging hips.

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