What gym attire will let your gym crush know you are into dudes?

What gym attire will let your gym crush know you are into dudes?

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So you’re crushing on the guy on the other treadmill—how do you signal to him that you’d be down to do other types of cardio with him, too?

In a post on the r/askgaybros Reddit forum, one user asked what a guy could wear to the gym to subtly convey he’s into dudes.

“Don’t wanna wear a freaking rainbow shirt or something like ‘I heart daddies’ but also want a guy who may be checking me out to say ‘Yeah, that dude is on my team,’” that Redditor added.

We can assume those are just style choices and not any judgment about rainbow shirts or “I heart daddies” sentiments, right?

Anyway, other Reddit users had plenty of recommendations of gay-signalling apparel from head to toe.

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Here are some of those tips:

“Wear a jockstrap. Guys who care will notice the way the straps print against whatever shorts or sweats you’re wearing.”

“I have had some success with this [the jock strap idea], plus I have a pair of subtle pride Nikes.”

“There was a post here about a gay guy who gifted his straight friend a T-shirt with ‘0 feet away’ and I thought it was quite funny.”

“You could find a nice bracelet or a similar accessory. I have the pride Apple Watch band that’s woven. While it’s got all the colors, it’s not really ‘rainbow.’ Some may disagree on its subtlety, but … from afar it just looks like a colorful watch band.”

“Either no-show socks or those high rugby socks with the stripes, lol. Also, maybe one of those small rainbow silicone bracelets?”

“Short shorts.” (Another Redditor disagrees, saying, “All the straight guys are wearing short shorts now.”)

“I have my ears pierced. I think that’s a good indicator that helps guys know if you could be into them. Maybe wear shorts a little high, too, or you could have a small pride sticker on your water bottle or something. I like wearing sleeveless shirts, so you could find a shirt with a subtle joke like another guy mentioned and cut the sleeves off.”

“Wear one of those tank tops with the low-cut sides that show your pits and body and often a nipple, too. Get some rainbow shoelaces for your shoes that you wear at the gym.”

“Get a Sean Cody T-shirt.”

“Get a Nasty Pig hat.”

“I second the jockstrap recommendation. A c*ck ring will achieve the same thing and is unmistakable in the shower. While I’m not a fan, and I’m not sure how subtle it would be, a Taylor Swift shirt also works. The Nasty Pig hat is a good idea too, but may send the wrong signal to someone who gets it.”

“Tight and/or revealing shirts, brand-named. Show off.”

“A Britney Spears T-shirt”

“A Liza Minnelli appliqué patch.”


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