WATCH: A baby gay falls for the wrong guy in this charming Aussie coming-of-age series

WATCH: A baby gay falls for the wrong guy in this charming Aussie coming-of-age series

You are currently viewing WATCH: A baby gay falls for the wrong guy in this charming Aussie coming-of-age series
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Image Credit: ‘Single, Out,’ Here TV

When a baby gay comes out, they open themselves up to a world of crushes, romances, flings and everything in between. But when they say, “it gets better,” they’re not necessarily talking about dating…

The new comedic web series Single, Out isn’t your typical queer coming-of-age tale, in that it begins where so many others end: Coming out.

After sharing his truth with his family, young artist Adam (Will Hutchins) is coming to terms with what it means to move through the world as a gay man. He’s also trying to figure out what—and who—he’s into, which, for the time being, he decides is his older brothers best friend, Josh (Adam Mountain)

And, hey, that’s convenient! Josh is around a lot—he even stays the night sometimes. But also: He’s Adam’s brother’s best friend, and as he’s warned: “your very hetero brother might f*ck you up for hooking up with his best mate!”

Luckily, Adam’s got a gay bestie in Marco (Ryan Stewart) with a little more experience who can show him the ropes. And, if things don’t work out with Josh, Adam quickly realizes there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Image Credit: ‘Single, Out,’ Here TV

The new journey for Adam also inspires his art in ways he never expected, and with his first big art exhibition on the horizon, he starts to wonder and worry about what it means to share such personal parts of himself with the world.

From creator, writer, director Lee Galea, Single, Out is a charming new series that should ring true for many of us who came out and then immediately threw ourselves into the gay dating scene, capturing the highs and lows, the awkward interactions, the crushes you can’t get out of your head, and all the big emotions and feelings that “coming of age” entails.

After premiering in Australia earlier this year, all six episodes of the series head to Here TV, a streaming network dedicated to queer content, which boasts the internet’s largest library of LGBTQ+ films, series, documentaries, and shorts.

New episodes of Single, Out‘s first season have premiered throughout the past month, with the final two episodes dropping on Friday, August 25. In other words, it’s definitely not too late to catch up.

Scroll down below to check out two different trailers for Single, Out:


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