UFC star Bryce Mitchell is terrified his 3-month-old will “turn gay” & “worship Satan” if he isn’t homeschooled

UFC star Bryce Mitchell is terrified his 3-month-old will “turn gay” & “worship Satan” if he isn’t homeschooled

You are currently viewing UFC star Bryce Mitchell is terrified his 3-month-old will “turn gay” & “worship Satan” if he isn’t homeschooled
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Add Bryce Mitchell to the long list of UFC stars with abhorrent views about gay people.

The highly ranked featherweight posted a video on Instagram Wednesday holding his 3-month-old son, in which he vows to keep him unvaccinated and shielded from the LGBTQ+ community.

To kick off his screed, Mitchell wrongly states that vaccines cause autism in children.

“I want to encourage ya’ll not to vaccinate your children because I think it’s bad for their health,” he said. “It could potentially kill them. Give them some type of… make them autistic. Seriously, these vaccines are poisonous. Don’t vaccinate your kids.”

Mitchell’s dangerous advice conflicts with all the facts on the relationship between vaccines and autism, including a 2013 CDC study. The agency found there is no link between the two.

While laws vary, every state has legislation requiring specific vaccines for school-age kids. Children who aren’t immunized can’t attend school, which usually serves as a pretty good incentive.

But not for Mitchell. The Arkansas native plans to homeschool his boy, anyway! He doesn’t want his son to read Edgar Allan Poe and turn gay and start worshipping Satan, or something.

Instead, his kid will read the Bible… and only the Bible.

“Tucker’s also going to be homeschooled,” said Mitchell. “We’re gonna have to homeschool all our kids or they’re going to end up turning gay and that’s the reason I’m gonna homeschool Tucker. I don’t want him to be a communist, I don’t want him to worship Satan, and I don’t want him to be gay.”

Mitchell proceeds to say the Bible is banned in schools (it’s not), and accuses Poe, one of the great writers of the 19th century, of promoting homosexuality.

“My son ain’t gonna be reading no Edgar Allan Poe,” he said sitting shirtless on his couch. “He’s going to be reading the Bible. That’s just how it is and I’m just telling you, if you don’t teach your kid these things, it’s gonna be fed right to the devil and we’re not gonna let that happen here.”

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Believe it or not, Mitchell’s caption beneath the video is even more unhinged. He says the Department of Homeland Security (?) almost took his newborn at the hospital, because he didn’t allow doctors to take a sample of his blood.

“we have to fite for our kids or evil will corrupt the next generation. this country is so evil only God can save us,” he writes. “i was told dhs was gunna come get my kid cause i didnt let the doc stick him with a needle. dont let these threats of violence scare u. be prepared and b happy to die for ur kids.”

While Mitchell’s views are way out of the mainstream, they align with other UFC standouts. Sean Strickland, who commented on Mitchell’s video with the prayer emoji (🙏), once said he would reject his gay son.

Earlier this year, Strickland exploded at a reporter who asked him about his hateful comments.

“You’re part of the problem. Go f*ck yourself!” Strickland shouted. “Everything that is wrong with the world is because of f*cking you.”

Strickland also attacked transgender people in one of the most venomous anti-LGBTQ+ rants we’ve ever heard from a pro athlete.

“Here’s the thing about Bud Light, 10 years ago, to be trans was a mental f*cking illness,” he said. “And now, all of a sudden, people like you have f*cking weaseled your way in the world. You are an infection. You are the definition of weakness. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of f*cking you.”

The fighter continued, “The world’s saying, ‘No, there are two genders. I don’t want my kids being taught about who they could f*ck in school. I don’t want my kids being taught about their sexual preference.’”

Strickland is so vile, he makes UFC fighter Marvin Vettori, who said he doesn’t think men can be bi, look downright inquisitive by comparison.

UFC president Dana White, by the way, seems OK with his stars’ virulent antigay views. White actually defended Strickland’s right to be hateful, telling reporters he “doesn’t put leashes” on his talent.

Ironically, many of UFC’s homophobic stars engage in some pretty gay behavior, if we say so ourselves. Mitchell looves showing off his ripped bod, just like Strickland.

Pride is just one week away, fellas! See you on the dance floor?

Hopefully in five years’ time, we see Mitchell’s son in school. Dad does not seem to have it all together.

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