Twit Awards for the Week 7/17/23

Twit Awards for the Week 7/17/23

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As we mentioned in the news, Republicans passed an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act, which bans the military from spending on gender-affirming care for its members or members of their families. For being more interested in winning the culture war than in funding the military to prepare for a real war, those who proposed and passed this amendment get a Twit Award. This story comes from The Advocate

U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale was one of those who introduced the amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill which forbids the military spending on gender-affirming care. In defending his amendment, he said, “We have drag shows taking place at Malmstrom Air Force Base. There are 150 ICBM missiles that are being controlled by that Air Force base by these individuals. I do not want someone who doesn’t know if they are a man or a woman with their hand on a missile button.” For assuming that he knows someone’s gender more than the individual knows their own gender, and for thinking that individuals can start a nuclear war on their own, Representative Matt Rosendale gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Studio 8 Hair Salon in Traverse City, Michigan, refused to serve transgender customers. The owner sited the recent Supreme Court ruling that a graphic designer could refuse to make a web page for a same-sex couple’s wedding. She suggested that transgender people could get hair care from a “pet groomer.” For refusing to serve transgender people, and for insulting them, Studio 8 Hair Lab gets a Twit Award. The Advocate has this story.

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