Transgender Jokes Part 1

Transgender Jokes Part 1

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Michelle Rogers

Hello again, fellow trans people.

I am not a comedian in any sense of the word. I am not interested in doing stand-up comedy. But from time to time I think of something that strikes me as funny. Here is a collection of some recent efforts. These jokes are intended for transgender persons to consider funny. I hope you like them.

Why did the killer sharks leave Ron DeSantis alone when he went swimming in the ocean? Professional courtesy.

I was trying to imagine Ron DeSantis wearing a dress. I know – it’s a frightening thought. But he would not look good in one. His attitude would stick out of the midsection.

Why do the transgender haters despise us so deeply? They think we’re having more fun than they are.

Being transgender means you always have exactly the wrong thing to wear.

A group of women get a look inside a men’s room at a stadium. It is a filthy mess. One of the females says, “God, what a pigsty. How can men be so nasty?” The transgender woman says, “Believe me. I know.”

We all want friends who will stay with us no matter what – just like Bud Light stayed with Dylan Mulvaney.

Anheuser-Busch really did it. They got the anti-trans crowd and the trans crowd mad at them over the Mulvaney situation. We haven’t see that kind of national unity since everybody hated New Coke.

Women’s clothing makers do not use uniform sizes for their clothes. One group’s size 12 is another’s 16 or even 20. Nobody wants to tell any woman how big she really is.

Or maybe the clothing manufacturers want people to put all their numbers on a card until someone yells, “Bingo!”

Dumb Donald is so dumb, he thinks a trans person works on clutches and gears.

A social conservative activist called transgender people, “A throbbing middle finger to God.” Oy vey. I was doing it wrong all these years. I thought some other body part was supposed to throb.

I just read a blog that claims some anti-trans activists are now talking about how people should wear “gendered clothing.” Hey, guys: The Handmaid’s Tale was not intended to be an instruction manual.

If a typical male meal is a steak and potatoes and a typical female meal is soup and salad, what is a typical transgender meal? Hamburger meat substitute?

A transgender person can become obsessed with passing. When I see a road sign that says, “No Passing,” I ask myself if I should remove my makeup and breast forms.

Speaking of breast implants, I am close to getting a pair. I will need to wear a bra while jogging, though. Otherwise, if they are too large I could end up with a couple of black eyes.

The current Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy likes to say that transgenderism is a “mental health disorder.” The only mental health disorder I see is in anybody who thinks this guy has a real chance of being elected President.

The last transgender joke for this batch is the way society treats us as freaks and misfits. I wish these folks would grow up and see us as the slightly off-center but otherwise normal people we are. If Joe Sixpack thinks we are a threat, that really is a joke.

And if you hear any of these jokes anywhere else, you know where that source stole them from.

That’s about enough for now. As the old columnist used to say, “That’s Earl, brother.”

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