Transgender Book Review: “Angel the Assassin” by Jane B. Lee

Transgender Book Review: “Angel the Assassin” by Jane B. Lee

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Transgender Book Review: “Angel the Assassin” by Jane B. Lee

I recently had the opportunity to provide a transgender book review for “Angel the Assassin” by Jane B. Lee.

There are limited options when it comes to quality transgender fiction, especially in the thriller genre, so this was a refreshing read!

Here’s a quick overview of the story:

“Angel the Assassin” follows Lisa, who started her trans journey at 12 years old.

Her dad, a former military sniper, wants his son Larry back, so he decides to train Lisa in the ways of snipers.

With her mom’s support, Lisa transforms from a vulnerable trans child into a strong, successful, and dangerous woman. 

When drug runners kill her father, Lisa swears to get revenge. The story takes an interesting turn when the CIA recruits her to assassinate drug lords worldwide.

Lisa navigates between her preferred female identity and her male identity to avoid those who are after her. All the while, she falls in love with two different women and manages two families. 

In the CIA world, someone is trying to set her up for death. The big question is, who is it, and why?

Without giving away too much, let me just say that “Angel the Assassin” is a thrilling ride and definitely worth a read!

Here’s my take on the book:

“Angel the Assassin” kept me hooked with its complex characters. It’s a real page-turner, and I was constantly surprised and intrigued by the plot twists. 

The story symbolizes the intricate identities and lives that many transgender individuals can relate to. Overall, I highly recommend it!

If you’re interested, you can grab your own copy of “Angel the Assassin” here.

“Angel the Assassin” is the 2nd book in the “Love and Revenge” series that also includes Book 1, “Red’s Revenge.”

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About “Angel the Assassin” author, Jane B. Lee

Jane B Lee, a transgender woman, is a multi-book author of adult fiction novels. She writes love stories wrapped around action/suspense. 

Jane is a play-writer, poet, and an avid world traveler, having been to over 60 countries. 

As a transgender woman and an active member of the LGBTQ community, Jane passionately gives voice to her LGBTQ characters.


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