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Trans News Now 3/11/24

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Tara McGovern

Tara McGovern, a transgender musician, participated in a protest against an anti-trans speaker at the University of Iowa. A month after the protest she was contacted by a detective from the campus security force and told  there was a warrant for her arrest. McGovern and six other transgender protestors are set to go on trial March 12. Get the whole story from The Washington Post.

A newly proposed law in Missouri could charge teachers and counselors with a felony and require them to register as sex offenders if they’re found guilty of supporting transgender students who are socially transitioning. CNN has the story

NXXT Golf announced on Friday that, effective immediately, competitors must be a biological female at birth to participate. That knocks trans golfer Hailey Davidson from the competition. The story comes from Golf Week.

French President Emmanuel Macron denied transphobic rumors that his wife is transgender. He said at a recent public appearance, “The worst thing is the false information and fabricated scenarios.” The story is from The Daily Beast.

India Willoughby

India Willoughby, who was Britain’s first transgender newsreader, has accused J. K. Rowling of a “hate crime” over remarks the author posted on X last week. Learn more from Reuters.

The Hill reports that candidates who often discuss restrictions on transgender Americans or demonstrate support for policies limiting access to gender-affirming health care may be creating more opposition than support.

Republican state Sen. Joan Ballweg of Markesan, Wisconsin joined Democrats on a Senate committee in voting against the passage of a bill that would bar transgender girls in public and voucher schools from joining girls’ sports teams. Get the details from the Wausau Pilot & Review.

A Republican county executive in the New York City suburbs has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a state order demanding he rescind a controversial ban on transgender athletes competing in girls’ and women’s sports. He put the ban in place knowing that there were no transgender girls trying to join girls’ teams in his county. Learn more from NBC 4.

Rachmad Tjachyadi

A Texas high school teacher been suspended after video emerged of him talking to his students in a flowing pink dress, and teaching a class in a tutu. Hebron High School in Lewisville took action after footage of chemistry teacher Rachmad Tjachyadi went viral and prompted a furious backlash. Tjachyadi said that his goal in coming to teach in drag was to not only teach chemistry but teach students about LGBTQ people. The Daily Mail has a lengthy article on him.

The American Psychological Association has adopted a landmark policy affirming evidence-based care for transgender, gender diverse and nonbinary children, adolescents and adults. Read the policy on the APA website.

Drag queen and self-described “math queen” Kyne Santos went viral on Tik-Tok with her math riddles and explainers. She appeared on  CBS Mornings to talk about her new book, Math in Drag, where she investigates mathematical mysteries all while educating about the art of drag. See video of her appearance on CBS and one of her TikToks on the CBS News website.

Lars Pacheco

A group of at least 20 Filipino tourists visiting Thailand got into an argument with six Thai transgender people that escalated into a fight. The Thais called on the ladyboy community to assemble outside the hotel where the Filipinos were staying. Philippine trans beauty pageant participant Lars Pacheco attempted to calm the combatants. Learn more from SCMP.

An off duty Portland, Oregon bartender who ordered a patron not to use the women’s bathroom and shoved the woman when she tried to explain her gender identity was found guilty of second-degree bias crime and harassment charges. The story is in The Oregonian.

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