This new way men are pleasuring themselves has us gagged & gooped… literally

This new way men are pleasuring themselves has us gagged & gooped… literally

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Having once been horny gay adolescents with raging hormones, we pretty much assumed we had seen and heard it all when it comes to the world of autoeroticism.

Most of us spent hours and hours behind a closed door “doing homework” figuring out every possible way you could masturbate. From determined plights towards auto-fellatio to various prostate stimulation techniques (sometimes including less-than-ideal home goods), it’s hard to find a man that didn’t try it all.

Until now…

The gays have always been first to set the trends. From the latest in fashion, fitness and exercise, and music, we’re always on the forefront of what’s next. Occasionally, that even applies to the latest sex customs. But even we were taken aback when we heard about the latest sexual fad in male self-pleasure. The practice is called injaculation, and here’s the lowdown.

Injaculation, in a sense, is the opposite of ejaculation. Come, again?

That’s right, it’s a term used to refer to releasing semen inside your body through your bladder instead of outside your penis. The scientific term is “retrograde ejaculation”, which is most often associated with a health issue, whereby the muscle at the opening of the bladder (bladder neck) is not able to close upon orgasm, causing semen to be released into the bladder, instead.

Sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause says that what’s being dubbed as “injaculation” also goes by another name, and is seen as less than desirable in her line of work — meaning, that lack of ejaculation signifies a problem.

“Anejaculation, when ejaculate does not emerge, is usually exactly as described as ‘injaculation,’” she explains. “It also may be that ejaculate is not being produced, or other physical problems. Anejaculation and injaculation are not different — it is a lack of expelled fluid at times when it typically is expected, especially during contractions associated with orgasm.”

And now guys want to do this on purpose? Apparently, so.

Injaculation enthusiasts claim it leads to a more powerful orgasm. Leave it to testosterone-fueled gay men to figure that out!

They even say that because sperm is full of nourishing minerals and elements, keeping it in the body leads to higher levels of strength, vitality, and wellbeing, rather than simply “wasting” it on a lowly Kleenex. Because it goes into your bladder and gets reabsorbed into your bloodstream, some even say the semen works like an anti-depressant. Other guys, especially those into holistic practices and beliefs, say it improves creativity and clarity of thinking. Of course, there’s no hard evidence to support any of this, and research on the act is virtually non-existent.

Another reason for the bizarre act may simply fall in the practical realm, with guys saying it simply “avoids making a mess.”

“Spunks within?” says one podcaster, in disbelief about the phenomena.

“I experienced injaculation accidentally a few times before trying to make it happen on purpose,” says David, a 26-year-old man.

“One time I was getting a blowjob”, he continues, “and I definitely finished, but nothing came out, and the whole thing felt good, but different than what I was used to. I Googled a bunch and realized what had happened, and tried to recreate it. It’s kind of a weird process and for me it felt a lot more mental than anything I physically did to make it happen.”

An accident is one thing, but how on earth would you make this happen on purpose? According to the author of a article on the subject, this is how it’s done.

“If you touch yourself (and I know that you do) between the anus and the scrotum — a no man’s land known as the perineum — just prior to ejaculation, you can feel the expanded urethra through which semen would normally pass,” the author writes. “By applying pressure to this area, you can detour your spawn to another part of your body.”

The author continues, “This is where it gets tricky. Where, precisely, is this “million dollar spot”, and how should the pressure be applied?”

“According to, one of the main sources of my exhaustive research, one should use the “finger lock technique” whereby the tips of the ring and middle fingers are laid over the index finger, and then placed firmly on the perineum. If you’re right-handed, you will likely be jerking with your right hand and applying pressure under your balls with your left hand, and vice versa for southpaws (unless you’re one of those perverts who likes to beat off with the opposite hand just because it feels more like someone else is doing you).”

“The idea is for the two fingers on top to hold the index finger in place as it closes off the urethra. I find this technique unnecessarily complicated. The index and middle fingers side by side work just as well.”

Another 29-year old man, Kevin, says, “There are a few diagrams online that helped me injaculate the first time. If you haven’t found it yet, play around with your perineum. From my research it’s not in the exact same spot on everyone, but if you feel around long enough between your butt hole and your balls you’ll find it — it’s kind of hard and feels like a small nut.”

“You want to press on it between your fingers hard enough so that you can feel that you’re applying pressure there, but not so hard that it actually hurts (which I learned the hard way the first few times I tried to do this unsuccessfully — and woke up sore the next morning).”

Call us crazy, but could this be a little bit dangerous? According to our research, there is no evidence to indicate so, as the ejaculate just gets absorbed into the body, without consequences. So proceed with caution, or talk to a doctor before experimenting. Some say it’s no different than dropping a load into yourself.

Guess that gives new meaning to the phrase, “Go F yourself.”


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