Ted Cruz’s cameo in horrible, low budget, anti-trans “comedy” is as bad as you might expect

Ted Cruz’s cameo in horrible, low budget, anti-trans “comedy” is as bad as you might expect

You are currently viewing Ted Cruz’s cameo in horrible, low budget, anti-trans “comedy” is as bad as you might expect
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Clean-shaven Ted Cruz standing on a stage wearing a dark suit, white dress shirt and red tie with blue dots.

Ted Cruz will do anything except focus on issues of actual importance: threaten fake investigations into Bud Light; accuse Barbie of spreading Chinese communist propaganda; defend his infamous Cancún vacay.

Appearing in a horrible, anti-trans “comedy” is the next logical step!

The attention-seeking Texas senator makes a cameo in a transphobic dumpster fire produced by The Daily Wire, the far-right media company founded by the pedantic Ben Shapiro. The movie, Lady Ballers, is billed as a “comedy” about a team of male basketball players who decide to compete as women so they can win games.

The trailer would be offensive if it wasn’t so damn stupid. Are we sure Shapiro & Co. aren’t violating child labor laws? There’s no way any sentient adults would write something this dumb, right?!

Watch. Or don’t.

Calling these jokes “sophomoric” is a compliment.

Aside from reinforcing the widely known fact that Republicans aren’t funny, the movie peddles every anti-trans trope in the book. Cruz makes a brief appearance in the trailer as a fan.

“Excuse me? Are these seats open?,” he says to a woman in the crowd, who gives him a dirty look.

“Never mind” Cruz says, as he walks away.

What’s the only thing more embarrassing than a U.S. senator appearing in a low-budget, anti-trans movie?

Said U.S. senator only receiving a small role in a low-budget, anti-trans movie!

A podcasting wannabe, there’s little doubt Cruz craves the limelight. The problem is, he can’t connect with people.

The unctuous pol almost makes Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis look relatable.


One of the most unpopular senators in the country, Cruz is gearing up for what will likely be his toughest reelection campaign yet. His expected opponent in next year’s election is Democratic Rep. Colin Allred, a Texas native who played linebacker at Baylor University and for four seasons in the NFL.

Allred is already competing with Cruz in the fundraising game, even surpassing the incumbent during one stretch.

It’s apparent that Cruz remains focused on pointless messaging bills, despite the myriad of national and International crises. He recently co-sponsored legislation that would ban all federal government employees from using anything other than a person’s legal name and the pronouns that correspond with the sex they were assigned at birth.

In other words, Cruz wants to mandate the misgendering of federal employees.

Unsurprisingly, he spent his Thanksgiving holiday being an online troll, spreading misinformation about a car explosion on the U.S.-Canada border.

Cruz, just like other Republicans, erroneously called the episode a “terrorist attack.”

But Cruz is used to not helping people. When his constituents are struggling, expect to find him on a plane to Mexico, or visiting with… Liz Truss?

Hey, Siri: show me two political losers!

Over the weekend, Cruz also… talked about California rep. Eric Swalwell’s junk?


It’s fitting that Cruz’s movie debut comes in a low-budget joke of a movie. Because those adjectives could be used to describe his senate career as well!


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