Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is currently in a cat fight with another extreme, gay-hating troll

Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is currently in a cat fight with another extreme, gay-hating troll

You are currently viewing Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is currently in a cat fight with another extreme, gay-hating troll
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The influential LibsOfTikTok social media account has built a following of millions with its anti-LGBTQ+, anti-immigrant, anti-woke rhetoric.

Its founder, Chaya Raichik, tends to grab videos posted by LGBTQ+ advocates and share them with her manyfollowers. This leads to a social media pile-on. Several of those targeted have received death threats or been forced to leave their jobs.

Given the politics espoused by LibsOfTikTok, the last person you’d expect it to enter into a spat with is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida famously pushed its “Don’t Say Gay” law upon schools and has axed funding to diversity and equity initiatives in education. DeSantis pushed his “anti-woke” credentials as a major selling point in his doomed bid to become the Republican nominee for President.

So, why have they been at each other’s throats over the last 24 hours?

Florida drivers’ licenses

Yesterday, LibsOfTikTok posted a video. It was a news report about a woman being assaulted in Florida.

“This normally quiet, peaceful neighborhood in Florida was shaken this week when 3 illegals from Guatemala were arrested for forcing a woman into a car and s*xually ass*ulting her,” it said in an accompanying caption.

“Apparently FL also gives illegals drivers licenses! Biden’s open borders allows v*olent criminals to terrorize Americans.”

The posting quickly prompted a backlash from readers online. They clarified that Florida does not issue driving licenses to illegal immigrants in the US.


The posting came to the attention of Governor DeSantis. He was furious.

“@libsoftiktok got community noted for lying about FL law, which not only prohibits illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses but also prohibits recognition of licenses issued to illegal aliens from other states,” DeSantis said on his Government account.

“Truth shouldn’t be a casualty of attempts to generate clicks and engagement farm.”

Ooh. The shade!

“This personal attack from him is disappointing”

This then prompted a response from Raichik. She now claimed she was being “sarcastic” (yeah, just like when Trump explains away confusing Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi).

“The last thing I ever thought I’d be doing on a Wednesday afternoon is defending myself against Ron DeSantis…” she whined.

“I made a sarcastic comment about Florida ‘apparently’ allowing illegals to get drivers licenses because a woke State Attorney literally told an illegal to get a license.

“I clarified TWICE in the subsequent posts that Florida Law doesn’t allow illegals to get licenses and demanded accountability from the State Attorney who was trying to subvert Florida Law. These corrections were made hours before DeSantis attacked me and hours before the Community Note was published.

“Now the Governor who I’ve only ever congratulated for his wins and have never attacked, is publicly attacking me calling me a liar and a grifter. Just wow.”

Wow indeed. Who would have thought that someone would have taken a video one posts in good faith and twist it into something it is not.

Who would have thought that, LibsOfTikTok, huh?

“I understand DeSantis wanting to correct the record and this post could’ve been a correction- championing Florida’s incredible record on illegal immigration. Instead it turned into a personal attack,” lamented Raichik.

“For the record- I think DeSantis is a good Governor, have publicly said this, and still stand by it,” she concluded. “This personal attack from him is disappointing.”

Post not deleted

Many were quick to blast LibsOfTikTok’s so-called explanation.

Many others said that if the original post was wrong and had prompted such upset, why not delete it?

At the time of writing, the original posting, and its community note, remain up.


Although it would be easy to dismiss Raichik simply as an online troll, she wields influence. Besides prompting death and bomb threats, Raichik now has a hand in the education system of one state.

In January, the Superintendent of Oklahoma, Ryan Walters, announced he’d invited Raichik to join the state’s Department of Education Library Media Advisory Committee.

In a posting on X, Walters said, “No one has done more to expose what the radical left is all about than @ChayaRaichik10 and @libsoftiktok. Her’s is a powerful voice to protect Oklahoma kids from p*rn in schools and woke indoctrination. I’m proud to have her on our team.”


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