Pabllo Vittar opens up about being objectified by suitors: “I don’t feel loved”

Pabllo Vittar opens up about being objectified by suitors: “I don’t feel loved”

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In an interview for Glamour magazine, drag queen Pabllo Vittar poured her heart out about the lack of reciprocity in her romantic relationships. The singer, known for her authentic artistry, revealed feeling misunderstood and unloved, despite the unconditional love from her fans.

Pabllo Vittar - Reproduction
Pabllo Vittar – Reproduction

During the interview, Pabllo expressed her feelings of emotional loneliness, emphasizing that, although she is free to express her emotions, she doesn’t feel genuinely loved.

“I’ve always been sexually liberated to express how I feel, but I don’t feel loved. I know I have the love of my fans, however, I don’t feel… Sometimes, I feel like a product. People come, buy, take home, and put on the shelf” , Vittar confessed.

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The drag queen also shared her frustrations about her romantic relationships, revealing that she often feels like an object of desire but not of true love.

“With guys, I don’t know what is the deal… I think they believe they can be with me because I’m Pabllo, that they’ll get something. I’ve been through moments like that. Now that I’ve been on the road for some time, I can see better. I closed myself off and chose to go alone, but I can’t stay like this forever”, vented.

Pabllo Vittar’s candid revelation raises important questions about objectification in relationships and highlights the need for genuine emotional connection, even for public figures like her. Pabllo’s fans have expressed support and solidarity on social media, praising her courage for openly sharing her most intimate feelings.

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