New couple alert! ‘Sense8’ hunk Brian J. Smith & ‘Blue Bloods’ stud Matt Consalvo are boyfriends

New couple alert! ‘Sense8’ hunk Brian J. Smith & ‘Blue Bloods’ stud Matt Consalvo are boyfriends

You are currently viewing New couple alert! ‘Sense8’ hunk Brian J. Smith & ‘Blue Bloods’ stud Matt Consalvo are boyfriends
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Brian J. Smith and Matt Consalvo
Brian J. Smith (left) Matt Consalvo (right)
credit: Getty Images/ (William Alden Manning)

Out actor Brian J. Smith is hard launching his relationship.

Smith, who played Will Gorski on the Netflix series Sense8 and currently stars in the Hulu FBI thriller Class of ’09, used a recent medical procedure to reveal Blue Bloods actor Matt Consalvo is “the love of my life.”

In a post on his Instagram Story, Smith shared an image smiling in a hospital bed with Consalvo seated next to him.

“Surgery day!” the 41-year-old captioned the photo. “Couldn’t have done it without the love of my life @matt.consalvo.”

Apparently, Smith had knee surgery and, based on the expression on his face, it looks like everything went well.

It is unclear how long Smith and Consalvo have been together as neither has shared photos of each other on their main grid.

However, they were spotted looking absolutely adorable together while having dinner with a friend back in July.

Smith came out publicly for the first time in 2019 interview, where he disclosed growing up feeling “terrified.”

“I could never be who I was. I was constantly having to check myself and make sure I wasn’t looking at someone too long or making someone feel uncomfortable,” he told Attitude. “I had to be very, very careful about telling people the truth about myself. It still reverberates. A lot of my work is about that. The things that move me as an actor are those echoes that come up.”

Smith found solace in acting and was accepted into New York City’s prestigious Juliard School. Roles on Law & Order, Stargate Universe, The Good Wife and Gossip Girl followed, before receiving a 2014 Tony nomination for his performance in The Glass Menagerie.

In 2015, he landed the breakout role on the cult hit Sense8, where he was tasked with making out with sexy co-star Miguel Ángel Silvestre while shooting on a float at the Sao Paulo Pride parade in Brazil. Poor thing!!!

After the Netflix show was canceled in 2018, Smith went on to star on the USA series Treadstone, the British war drama World on Fire, the Canadian TV show Essex County, and a little Keanu Reeves film called The Matrix Revolutions.

Earlier this year, he joined Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara and Looking hottie Raul Castillo on the suspense thriller Class of ’09, which follows FBI agents in the past, present and near future.

Smith also recently directed a new documentary about Fire Island Pines entitled A House Is Not A Disco.

Meanwhile, Consalvo has been portraying Officer Meyers on CBS’ long-running hit Blue Bloods since 2019.

In addition, he’s appeared on the HBO miniseries The Plot Against America, the NBC series The Enemy Within, and produced and starred in the indie film Adam & the Water.

After the summer of breakups, we love seeing these two hardworking actors find love in Hollywood.

Hopefully, now that they’ve introduced the relationship to the world, Smith and Consalvo will continue giving fans updates on their beautiful romance.

In the meantime, check out a few more shots of the handsome lovebirds from Instagram below:


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