MTF Makeup For Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Trans Women and Crossdressers

MTF Makeup For Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Trans Women and Crossdressers

You are currently viewing MTF Makeup For Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Trans Women and Crossdressers
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MTF Makeup For Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Trans Women and Crossdressers

Makeup is a powerful tool for transforming your appearance as a transgender woman or crossdresser. However, if you’re just getting started, it can seem overwhelming with countless products and techniques to explore.

That’s why in this blog post, I share the top 10 tips to keep in mind when beginning your makeup journey.

These tips will help you master MTF makeup for beginners while feminizing and enhancing your appearance. Let’s dive in!

1. Prep Your Skin Before Applying Makeup

facial cleanser

To achieve that perfect makeup look, you need to prepare your skin properly. Start by cleansing your skin to remove any dirt or oil that might be clogging your pores.

Next, shave your face to create a smooth, flawless canvas for your makeup. Use a fresh razor and sensitive skin shave cream to get a close shave without irritating your skin.

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize! A good moisturizer is key to creating a smooth and hydrated base under your foundation. Use a high-quality moisturizer to help your makeup stay in place all day or night.

2. Use A Primer

Clinique Primer

Using a primer under your makeup is essential for achieving a flawless and long-lasting look. It creates a smooth canvas by filling in fine lines and pores, allowing your foundation to glide on effortlessly and evenly.

A primer also helps your makeup stay in place for longer, preventing fading, creasing, and patchiness. Additionally, it controls oiliness and reduces shine, while providing hydration to keep your skin moisturized.

3. Find The Right Foundation Shade/Type For Your Skin

Inika Organic Foundation

To find the right foundation shade and type for your skin, follow these simple steps.

First, when choosing the right color, determine your undertone (warm, cool, or neutral):

  • Warm undertones have hints of yellow or peach.
  • Cool undertones have pink or blue undertones.
  • Neutral undertones have a balance of both.

Look for foundation shades that match your undertone. Test swatches on your jawline in natural lighting to find the closest match to your skin tone.

When selecting the right foundation type, consider your skin type and desired finish:

  • For oily skin, a matte or oil-free liquid foundation may work well.
  • Dry skin may benefit from a hydrating liquid or cream foundation.
  • Combination skin could try a lightweight liquid or powder foundation.

Consider the coverage level you prefer (sheer, medium, or full) and choose a foundation type that provides that level of coverage.

4. Use Color Corrector For Beard Shadow

color corrector pallete

A color corrector can be used to eliminate a beard shadow and improve the appearance of the skin. By applying a color corrector, the dark hue of the beard shadow is neutralized, making it easier to achieve a natural look when applying foundation.

Beard shadows usually have a blue-green undertone. To counteract this, colors like orange and peach are effective as they are opposite to blue-green on the color wheel.

Here are some color suggestions based on different skin tones:

  • Peach shades work well for light skin tones.
  • Orange shades are suitable for medium/tan skin tones.
  • Reddish hues are a good choice for dark/ebony skin tones.

5. Invest In A Makeup Brush Kit

makeup brush kit

Getting a makeup brush kit is essential, even if you’re new to makeup. These brushes have many advantages compared to the applicators that usually come with eyeshadow or makeup sets.

Firstly, the brushes are specifically designed for precise application, giving you better control and a more even makeup look.

You’ll also have different brushes for various tasks like foundation, eyeshadow, and contouring, ensuring you have the right tool for each job.

The brushes are made with soft, durable bristles that are gentle on your skin and last a long time. They’re also easy to clean, which helps maintain a hygienic makeup application.

6. Apply Makeup In The Right Light

woman applying lipstick with mirror

Apply your makeup in natural light if at all possible. This allows you to see how your makeup will appear when you leave the house. If you can, place your makeup station close to a window.

If natural light isn’t available, look for a makeup mirror with neutral white light that imitates daylight. It will help you see your makeup more accurately.

It’s important to avoid harsh overhead lighting, fluorescent lighting, or warm yellow lighting, as these can create shadows and distort the colors, making it difficult to properly apply your makeup.

7. Master The Basics First

When you’re getting started, focus on the basics first. This includes basic MTF makeup techniques like foundation, eyeshadow, beard corrector, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara.

Don’t try complicated or advanced makeup techniques like false eyelashes or contouring until you have a solid foundation. Your makeup won’t look as good as it could and you’ll just get frustrated.

8. Apply Eyeliner In Short Strokes

woman applying eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is one of the trickiest parts of makeup application, so even the simplest trick or tip can really help. 

I recommend applying eyeliner using short strokes, rather than attempting to complete the stroke all at once. Even though you might anticipate a splotchy finish, using shorter strokes will help you achieve an even line.

9. Apply Lip Liner Before Lipstick

woman applying lip liner

Lip liner should always be applied before lipstick to define and give shape to your lips. It should be applied along the outer edge of your lips. 

It also helps stop lipstick from smudging or bleeding. Additionally, applying liner first is a good habit because then all you have to work on is filling in the space in between the lines.

10. Practice Practice Practice

Finally, you should perfect the art of MTF makeup for beginners by practicing. It will take you time to achieve that perfect look, but trust us, with patience, you will attain it!

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